Thursday, September 12, 2019

Life Learning Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 2250 words

Life Learning - Essay Example Even so, there are some lessons and experiences that one must undergo before becoming a leader. Based on the Kolb-Fry model, one has to undergo an effective learning process that sees one go through the stages of a concrete experience, observation and reflection of the experience, analysis and conclusion, which eventually results in new experiences. Through such experiences, undergoes enough tests to gain leadership traits. While leadership may be inbuilt, at times it involves intensive training before one acquires desired leadership qualities. Through training, one understands the need to inspire and empower others. This lies under psychological leadership in which a person reads the psychology of followers and understands exactly how to direct them to realize organizational objectives. The number of natural born leaders is very few in the current society. I have experienced several leadership mishaps in the organizations I have worked in over the years. To enhance effectiveness in leadership, it is essential for one to train them in lieu to the setting they find themselves at that time. Great leadership is about one’s actions, and not about what they know about leadership. Naturally, I am an outgoing, generous, and carefree person. I am smart can learn anything fast, and have a great memory. I have always had a lot of friends at home, school and work. I have always been a leader and I understa nd how to take on a task and complete with quality. People look up to me at my workplace, and I have been the motivator in the departments I have worked at. Leadership training is at times ineffective. Naturally, leaders are not trained; they are developed. I learnt that it is nearly impossible for a person to tell another on how to lead. Developing a leader is easier and much more effective than training a leader. That is the reason as to why most leadership training programs are ineffective. Sometimes one is just not born

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