Sunday, February 23, 2020

Innovation and Change Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 750 words

Innovation and Change - Essay Example Often, it is realized that most organizations fail to drive their innovation strategies in a proper manner. Recognizing the imperative need for innovation in the organization, most executives miscalculate in terms of their desire to innovate and the ability of the organization to innovate. In the face of such a dilemma, it only leads to a situation where the organization ultimately fails to achieve anything. It is therefore quite important that the desire of the organization to innovate is effectively synchronized with the capability of innovation. In such a case, it becomes easier to manage the innovation process in the organization. Several instances normally abound where disconnects are realized in terms of the missions and goals of innovation. Most often these challenges arise in the face of growing competition which forces organizations to adopt innovation as an option for improved productivity or performance. In the computer industry across the world, such leading innovation ex perts like Apple might always make other smaller market players to imagine that they could also innovate to that capacity. In the end, the smaller organizations end up out of the market owing to failed innovative strategies. This arises because innovation is generally a program that requires a lot of resource allocation and sufficient consideration in the organization. It calls for a proper innovation culture within the organization in order to effectively succeed (Porter, 2008). Most organizations fail in their innovation strategies because they normally expect to realize many returns from little allocation. In other cases, the size and resources of the organization cannot just enable them to implement any meaningful innovation strategy within the organization. There is often a disconnection between an organization’s goals and mission and its innovation process. For instance, an organization might aspire to realize a particular profit in the year at a given level of revenue. However, with innovation in mind, it might become difficult to realize the profit since innovation is normally an expensive affair in the organization whose cost cannot easily be foretold. Such a disconnect might therefore pose a challenge to the organization. In order to prevent this disconnect, it is important to set aside particular funds in the organization in order to address the issues of innovation without affecting other operational areas of the organization. This would be imperative to bridge the disconnection between the mission of the organization in terms of innovation and the operational aspects of the organization. It therefore boils down to the adoption of an effective innovation strategy in the organization that takes into account all the important aspects pertaining to the organization which include the resources, size of the organization and the position of the organization in the market. In this regard, it would be possible to develop or adopt an innovation strat egy that exactly specifies what the organization should pursue which should be in tandem with the ability of the organization. From the outset, it is important to institute a culture of innovation within the organi