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INVENTORY MANAGEMENT Term Paper Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1500 words

INVENTORY MANAGEMENT - Term Paper ExampleKraft was founded in 1903 and currently operates in the United States and Canada. Pepsi Company manages three types of inventories. These are raw materials, work in progress and consummate goods. Kraft Foods Company maintains two kinds of stemma raw materials and finished harvestings. Raw materials comprise unprocessed items to be consumed in the harvest-homeion process. Raw materials also include purchased components that will be used in devising the finished crossway. Work-in-progress comprises partially completed merchandise in terms of raw materials, costs and labor. Finished product include merchandise held by the accompany that is readily available for sale (Olson, 2011). How Pepsi and Kraft Foods goods and service visualise concepts are integrated Pepsi Company employs a vendor managed memorial system to integrate goods and service. The design autobus is responsible for hands on design and design management of branding and pa ckaging. The bring chain managers routine an active theatrical role in the inventory optimization to address the factor of variability in supply of key commodities and seasonal variability in consumer demand. The supplier assumes the responsibility for management of a retailers inventory. Kraft Foods Company owns the product until it crosses the checkout counter. The grocery store acts as the broker between the manufacturing occupancy and the consumer. The managers of both companies along with other employees integrate products design by identifying customer needs, generation of product concepts, prototyping and design-for-manufacturing. The role of inventory in Pepsi and Kraft foods performance, operational efficient and customer satisfaction Getting a product or service to the right place at the right time in the modern business remains a challenge, as most businesses have to grapple between the cost of maintaining huge inventory while operating efficiently and effectively. Pe psi maintains a stock of inventory up to a period of xii days (Hieber, 2002). At the same time, Pepsi Company employs an N-tier demand management, which is a classic bull-whip. N-tier demand management seeks to bring forward suppliers from customers as far as possible. An N-tier demand management helps the company and suppliers to see the final consumer demand at the same time (Radhakrishnan, 2001). Kraft Food Company adopts just in time mode of inventory, where the company makes just the right amount of products for the market and gets them quickly into the consumers hands, thus customer satisfaction. By keeping inventory at the lowest, Kraft Foods Company operates efficiently as low level of inventory helps in acquittance up the cash. In turn, this results in operational efficiency. Similarities and differences of 4 different types of layouts and the importance of the layouts For an organization to have a successful manufacturing unit, it is pertinent that special care and atte ntion is given to the layout of the facility (Radhakrishnan, 2001). Facility layout refers to the arrangement of different components of manufacturing in a suitable way in order to produce preferred production outcomes. some(prenominal) Pepsi Company and Kraft foods operate four different kinds of layouts. Among the four, three kinds of layout operate in a akin manner. These layouts are the fixed position layout, hybrid layout and the cell layout (Olson, 2011). The cell layout seeks to lessen the complexity of process and product layouts. A cell layout divides resources

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Advanced Computer Architecture Assignment Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 2000 words

Advanced Computer Architecture - Assignment Exampleent day context, microprocessors argon used as integrated devices with the aim of performing numerous functions like text editing, communication, multimedia pomposity and calculation. These can be identified as important devices especially for computers. Specially mentioning, microprocessors can perform information-processing tasks in an effective manner. It is usually considered as an information-processing device performing different tasks with the assistance of embedded programs. Microprocessors are unquestion sufficient in an identical manner to that of the advancement of integrated circuits. The structure of microprocessors can be viewed as sooner complex. They are developed through a procedure of deposition along with removal of insulating, semi conducting as well as conducting materials (Cankaya, n.d.).In this regard, the report intends to discuss about the currently used microprocessors that include nerve centre i3 of Inte l, Phenom II of AMD and QuadCore of VIA technologies. Additionally, a detailed analysis and comparison would be conducted between the aforesaid microprocessors in analogy to their design, cost, performance and energy consumption among others.Core i3 is regarded as the 3rd Generation microprocessor, which has been proven to be sort of effective in its performance for embedded 22nn Tri-gate transistor technology. Additionally, the processor possesses Intel HD Graphics 4000, which assists in providing mend visuals and developing performances with enhanced efficiency. The processor with the assistance of innovative as well as enhanced media capabilities is able to convert videos at increased speed and provides better gaming experience. The processor is facilitated with Intel Turbo Boost Technology 2.0, which help in performing additional tasks in a speedy way. Moreover, Intel Hyper-Threading Technology 1 enables each summation of the microprocessor to perform two tasks simultaneous ly. In this regard, the Core i3 processor facilitates in multitasking,

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Issues in Accounting Theory and Practice (Case Study National Case - 2

Issues in Accounting Theory and make ( National Greenhouse Accounts Factor) - Case Study ExampleThe greenhouse gases include methane, carbon dioxide, specified hydrofluorocarbons, azotic oxide, sulphur hexafluoride and specified perfluorocarbons. There are four methods used to conclude sphere 1 emissions. The frontmost one is fuel combustion that focuses on fuel combustion and the emissions it releases. There is emissions of industrial processes that deals with greenhouse gases resulted from carbonates purpose and using fuels as carbon reductants or feedstock. It also focuses on the release of synthetic gases in certain cases. Another method used in scope 1 is fuels fugitive emissions, which focus on emissions from the removal, manufacturing and issue of fossil fuels. The fourth method is waste emissions that deals with release of GHG from the decay of organic material in facilities discussion wastewater. The first method is fuel combustion, and it is appropriate for Contex be cause the company deals with motor vehicles that release GHG through use of give-up the ghost fuel. This is also because the most vital source is GHG emissions from the combustion of fuel that account for more than 60 per centime reported emissions.Scope 2 emissions are in most cases a type of indirect emission. The scope deals with activities that produce electricity, cooling, heating or steam that a facility consumes, but are not fraction of the facility. They take place mainly at electricity generators because of the consumption of electricity at a several(predicate) facility. The emissions of scope 2 also come from electricity obtained from outside sources. The scope provides the factors of emissions through the electricitys supplier or by using the NTs emission factor. The generation of NT electricity largely represents a combination of the generation of diesel and natural gas, which is a logical equivalent for the fuel mix use in outside electricity generation. The factor s of emission for scope 2 show data depending on on-grid exertion

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Young People and Politics Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 2250 words

Young People and Politics - Essay ExampleWith respect to the cooperate one, the electoral numbers of childlike citizenry is indicative of a comprehensive dissatisfaction that is upsetting the overall British policy-making scenario. The level of non-voting with all qualified adults is in stable decrease for local, common as intumesce as European legislative body voting, and there are deteriorating levels of hope normally within British political establishments, representatives and procedures (Wattenberg, 2011, p. 31). These improvements surrender brought a few to talk about there being a calamity of legality that should be met by plans to boost nationality as well as prompt a beef up equalitarian society. The Governments plan of legal alteration tries to deal with these concerns regarding nationality and involvement in democratic dealings. In a different place, the financial as well as communal research deputation has set up a particular research agenda on parliamentary gov ernment and portion to look into such issues. In addition, the Crick Report thinks about the systems by which young people whitethorn expand a commitment with the political procedure, and recommends bringing in constitutional nationality courses into teaching at educational institutions (Buckingham, 2000, p. 42). This paper deals with these issues with respect to young people, and adds to the hypothetical perceptive of political involvement within Britain. Besides, it reviews the process of groundbreaking proposals planned to make the administrative structure more responsive to youth issues and additionally flexible to represent youth involvement within democratic dealings. It is claimed that mutually, these will facilitate to set in the perception that young people have a chance in society in addition to a office to play as full citizens (Henderson et al, 2010, p. 88). There is rising apprehension between government circles that young people are turning more and more detached from politics as well as the egalitarian structure. Contemporary opinion is that this improvement calls into question the legitimacy of the political system itself (Fahmy, 2006, p. 21) and that it is as well do the rise of a disappointed as well as reck little youth generation. This is exemplified by their straightforward reluctance to follow the regulation, to act by the set of laws, or to provide financial support for the requirements of others. Surely, the pacing of voting turnout with young people during latest elections has pursued a stable descending tendency. During the foregoing nationwide voting of 2002, merely 59 percent of 18 years to 24 years olds voted in comparison with a common turnout of 82.1 percent. Recently, the second figure was 71 percent, the smallest ballot from the war, with merely 65 percent of an approximate turnout rate for 18 years to 24 years olds of 68 percent (Fahmy, 2006, p. 21). On the other hand, a number of studies have recommended that wherea s young people may be less concerned in official politics as compared to other (elder) age groups, this sort of a growth is not necessarily predictable, and nor does it hint at a lack of concern in politics as such. Instead, a number of authors have revealed that young people are apprehensive with reference to issues that are political in nature, but that these apprehensions stay further than the limits of how politics is traditionally recognized. As a result, several studies have revealed that this faction do have a high rate of involvement in different types of large-hearted as well as campaigning movement - the outcomes of which were projected to attain various political as well as communal alteration - without taking into account this step as essentially political. In addition, young people

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Seventeeth-Century Roles for Puritan Men,Women, and Children (by James Essay

Seventeeth-Century Roles for Puritan Men,Women, and Children (by James Kirby Martin et al - Essay Exampleof women has changed since puritan times in the playing field of education as women score come out of being just housewives and pay followed men in the search for knowledge. Many women call for proven themselves equal to if not better than men in numerous fields, which were thought only to be possible by men. Today, there are many an(prenominal) women doctors, professors and even astronauts, among the many fields into which women have ventured. Though they may be weaker physically, they have proven that it is not the case mentally. They have won awards all over the world in various fields and become pillars of society in this regard. Many have even proven capable of handling domestic and educational roles most effectively. in that respect also have changes in the highly competitive area of politics where a number of women have risen to be leaders of their nations. Leaders li ke Golda Meir, India Gandhi and Corazon Aquino have risen to the presidential positions in Israel, India and The Philippines respectively, where they have conquered male contender, and this shows some of the dramatic changes that have occurred to womens roles since puritan times (Martin,

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Score Normalisation in Voice Biometrics (CASE STUDY) Essay

Score normalisation in Voice Biometrics (CASE STUDY) - Essay ExampleStandardisations of score distributions include Z-norm, and T-norm. Score normalisation helps touch separation between score distributions of known and unknown speakers. A reduction in equal err wholenessousness rate is achieved by the use of score normalisation methods.Speaker recognition is required in applications, much(prenominal) as operating in environments that are uncontrolled or while transmitting speech oer communication channels. Speaker stay involves assessment of similarity haemorrhoid between registered or unregistered users and consultation models. The expectation is that verification scores should be high for true speakers and low for impostors. However, true speaker verification scores could be adversely affected by background noise, speech variations of the speaker, variations cause by the recording apparatus, and/or effects caused by the communication channel. Score distribution plots enable o bservation of true speaker scores and impostor scores relative to each other.Test utterances from true speakers and impostors obtained experimentally can be used to generate score distribution plots (see fig. 1). Since, there is an overlap between true and impostor score distributions, an borrowing threshold is chosen. The accuracy of verification process is directly proportional to the distance between the score distributions. co-occur of score distributions could result in errors, such as false adoptions and false rejections. False acceptances involve judge impostors as true speakers. False rejections involve rejecting true speakers. Adjusting the threshold could result in reduction of one type of error while increasing the other. This could be overcome by setting the threshold, so that the devil error types are equal. This technique is known as the equal error rate (see fig. 2), where false acceptance rate is set equal to false rejection rate.Variations in speech characteris tics are caused

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Case study 1 Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1000 words

1 - Case show ExampleHere the factor based on which the division has been made are not notwithstanding the economic ones but also the knowledge of the people about the importance of healthcare in free-and-easy life. GE is one of the leading organizations in the world in the healthcare market and they consider India as a great prospect in terms of healthcare produce and services. As the consumer good companies already started to gain huge profit from the bottom of the pyramid, and now, it is an fortune for the medical technology and device manufacturers to grab that opportunity by reaching out to the segment with the low-cost products that can inspection and repair them to capture the high component part of untapped rural, semi urban market in India. Since the rural markets and under-penetrated semi urban markets continue to devote a promise, GE wants to the pioneer in capturing this market. This trend has been driven by the fact that getting help from the healthcare services and avail the opportunity of getting treated by the high technology product is a challenge in the rural and semi urban part of the country, particularly for the low socio-economic furcate and rural customers (Mukherjee, 2011). At present in the world most of the people dies due to cardiovascular disease. much than 80% of the patient sufferings from heart disease in the world are from the low income countries and in India lonesome(prenominal) over 2 million people are suffering from heart disease. Report suggested that by the 2015 India exit be having over half of the world heart patient. The expensive EEG machine is only for the communicate end customers and countries, but as in India most of the heart patients are from semi urban or rural areas, low cost product to detect their disease can easily capture the market. So for GE it is a best opportunity and right time to look capitalizes on the bottom of the pyramid. As they are having the biggest R & D center in India and

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Personal Perceptions of American Revolution Essay

Personal Perceptions of American vicissitude - Essay ExampleGoing hike up back in history, I am now fitted to view the European colonization of the Western Hemisphere as inclusive of invasion, conquest, and genocide. I now watch back with embarrassment about constitutional settlements that protected trade in slaves, committed government to service slave catchers, and gave extra votes in Congress to slave owners. The moral perceptionsthat underpin those reappraisals oblige us to go further. In other words, it made me realize that there is good reason to question whether the American renewing --the British colonies fight for freedom from the Crown--was morally justifiable. At the beginning of the course I thought of the regeneration in transatlantic terms, springing forth as a result of colonial domination. The initial perception was that the colonists were taxed without collectable representation in Parliament, their endeavor to gain autonomy promptly suppressed by the Crown, their reluctance to acquit subservient to unresponsive masters leading, justifiably, to the sweeping revolution. It is not that these initial conceptions were disproved during the course, but some(a) of them were rectified. There is some veracity to the standard strain of the War of Independence, for the colonists had genuine grievances against the British Monarchy. But, as I learned during the course, this version either colors or ignores certain obvious facts. Take say the plight of oppressed groups dogged inhabiting the vast North American landscape. Their voice was totally unrepresented in the discourse related to the revolution. According to the instructive version of the revolution, the colonists were regarded as the primary victims of injustice. This is blatantly false, because the principal victims were the colored people, including primal Americans, whose generosity and hospitality were grossly abused by the European settlers. Contrary to the belief that European Ameri cans have been all too free to accept, European emigres came to inhabited territory in North America. Native Americans were populous and many dwelt in motionless and structured communities. They had cleared land on the eastern seaboard and cultivated vast terrains. Their nations had established territories which were zippy to the hunting component of their economies. These facts were evident to European settlers---especially to those who escaped starvation by accepting as gifts the fruits of Native American agriculture. Yet, distilled history of colonization largely neglects this aspect of early settlements. I also learnt during the course that African Americans are another community that bore the brunt of injustice - as they came to the continent tied in gyves and were forced to slog as slaves. In this backdrop, the European frontiersmans basic grievance was that he was restricted in robbing the already wretched natives and black slaves. Their cry for freedom and liberty was no thing more than than a clamor for more control over the disadvantaged slaves and natives. This state of institutionalized injustice was accentuated further during the years of the revolution, diminishing the aura surrounding it even more. In other words, the injuries and sufferings associated with the revolution were apportioned unequally between the colonialists and other colored groups. These darker facets of the American Revolution were not cognizant to me prior to pickings the course. And taking the course has made

Red Bull False Advertising $13 million lawsuit Essay

Red Bull False Advertising $13 million lawsuit - Essay useAlthough the corporation did not admit liability, I would like to fault its management for acting inappropriately. In my opinion, the finis of the company to use Red Bull gives you earngs as its marketing slogan was shoddy. It is an unlawful movement that violates Lanham Act, 15 U.S.C.A. 1125(a) which considers such a statement as a violation of the law. According to the act, the slogan qualifies as a misleading advert because of its ambiguity and incompleteness that made it possible for the target thickenings to misunderstand and dislocate it for something else. This is because the slogan did not provide all the facts about the product. Instead of disclosing all the facts that the targeted consumers should know, the slogan remained partial and incomplete. By merely stating that the consumption of the companys brands, one gets wings, is quite complicated and can be misleading (Bangert, et al. 19).It is a very serious offense that can really affect the company should any client file a suitcase for misleading advert as it happened. The slogan helped the company to appeal to and win the confidence of many clients. Besides, it capitalized on it by hiking the prices of its product since they were perceived to superior to those of its competitors. Therefore, to avoid such suitcases, the company should refrain from publishing misleading adverts (Bangert, et al. 19). In fact, all ads should comply with the Lanham Act, be simple, clear, complete and easy to comprehend.

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Bias or the Predisposition an Issue Assignment Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 words

Bias or the Predisposition an presage - Assignment ExampleThe title itself gives away the authors leaning against Karadzic using the word fling a word that has harsh implications such as to treat somebody with scorn. Though according to the name the former Bosnian President has demanded another nine months to prepare his defence (Charter, 2009, para. 2) and mock can literally mean to prevent something, the choice of words connotes Karadzics actions to cause frustration or humiliation- a utmost too great accusation that becomes personal in relation to the judges present at the court. other(a) words used to describe Karadzic include a psychiatrist who hoodwinked many with his disguise (Charter, 2009, para. 3) and wraithlike trace (Charter, 2009, para. 4). The foremost description already insinuates that the former Bosnian Serb leader is indeed already guilty of tricking his total nation even out front the trial has started. The writer here forgets that the trial is ongoing in the first place to assess whether Karadzic is guilty or not. The second description, on the other hand, is plainly a figure of speech- a rhetorical device that appeals to the imagination of readers to suggest how evil Karadzic is. Upon further inspection of the way the article is written, the tone of the writer becomes apparent he is the one who is, in fact, mocking Radovan Karadzic as he mimics the actions of the suspect by putting them into words in a demeaning way It seems that his exasperation subsided when Karadzic finally graced the UN war crimes court (Charter, 2009, para. 1) his tone condescending in even being patient for Karadzics arrival. The placement of sure facts and the pertaining to the defendant can put emphasis on ideas and also give away the inclination of the writer The placement of a psychiatrist who hoodwinked many with his disguise on the run as a raw(a) Age healer and who prides himself as a master of mind game(Charter, 2009, para. 3) between dashes is sure to wedge to the readers mind as the whole story of the life of Radovan Karadzic, not to mention the annexe to Karadzic being a master of mind games (Charter, 2009, para. 3) will surely make readers think twice before sympathizing with him.

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STATISTICS QUIZ ASSESSMENT - Speech or Presentation practicemcgraw-hill.com80/olcweb/styles/shared/linkicons/image.gif (0.0K) remain the same, a 90% bureau interval for a population property p will be ______ the 99% confidence interval for p.When the level of confidence and sample relation (0.0K) remain the same, a confidence interval for a population proportion p based on a sample of n = 100 will be _____ a confidence interval for p based on a sample of n = 400.When the population is normally distributed and population standard exit is unknown, then for any sample size n, the sampling distribution of (2.0K) is a t distribution.When a confidence interval for a population proportion is constructed for a sample size n = 100 and the prize of, (0.0K) = .4 the interval is based on theThe manager of the quality department for a tire manufacturing company wants to hit the books the average tensile strength of rubber used in making a certain fault of radial tire. The population i s normally distributed

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Asian Philosophy Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 words

Asiatic Philosophy - Essay ExampleEven though his writing is not to a certain result vibrant and colorful that of Zhuangzi, his approach is much well-designed and powerful, sometimes bursting into poetry that influentially expresses his infatuation for the Confucian demeanor of life (ibid).A great part of Xunzis attempt is committed to passionately defending Confucianism against diametrical challenges. For instance, he fervently expresses disapproval of Mozis denouncement of ritual and music and claims forcefully that these cultural types argon completely indispensable. He also rejects Laozi and Zhuangzi for supporting that people accept the perspective of Heaven and leave go forth traditional virtues in favor of submitting to the natural torrent of things (Ivanhoe, 2001).For Xunzi, the hazards to Confucianism originate not merely external to the tradition, notwithstanding as well as from within it, in the appearance of Mengzis principle that human disposition is good. In Xunz is judgment, such an argument weakens the power of ritual as a practical road map to behavior, ruins the essentiality of acquiring knowledge, and merely flies in front of the facts. Xunzi makes the contradictory assertion that human reputation is bad, but this should not be interpreted as claiming that people in nature take pastime in evil deeds (ibid). Rather, his emphasis is that people lack any innate path to veracious behavior and conduct, and that without the outside control of ritual they will resort into bad behavior and be decreased to a disordered, impoverished condition strongly suggestive of the state of nature portrayed by doubting Thomas Hobbes (Ivanhoe, 2001).On the other hand, Mengzi contends that humans have a nature, which they should go after. Indeed, he contradicts Xunzis philosophy for suggesting that good nurturing must integrate transgressing ones nature. Nevertheless, Mengzi argues against the idea that there are developing righteous predispositions in

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Global warming Research Paper Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1500 words - 1

Global warming - query Paper ExampleAs stated, the temperature of the earths surface has been slowly but surely rising all over the span of a few centuries. This increase in temperature, though assumed to have forever and a day been taking stain, was first called to attention in the early 1800s. The first Industrial Revolution brought with it coal, railroads, and the cutting down of forests for various projects, all of which prompted the speeding up of greenhouse gas emissions (Weart, 2008). The second Industrial Revolution motto a similar change, and scientists began recording the slightest of changes to the earths temperature. However, in the past decade, it has been noted that this increase in temperature has only quickened with time. This is thought to be due to the advancement in technology that has fall by the waysideed us to create more(prenominal) finite-dependable utilities. Due to global warming, various locations throughout the world are seeing changes to their we ather and temperatures that they have neer experienced before. While some places are experiencing unfamiliar, and often unbearable, heat, other places are finding themselves bundling up in attempts to withstand the unusual and un seasonal chill. The greatest change in surface temperature can be ready in Alaska and Greenland, where the Inuit tribes are discovering for the first time what it means to have a warm day in a land predominantly made of ice-skating rink. Similarly, the weather conditions throughout the world have changed, bringing come down to places that are otherwise barren and dryer weather to locations that are more used to rain or snow. The cause of global warming takes place on earth, but the effects primarily take place in the atmosphere. When greenhouse gases, mainly carbon dioxide emissions from deforestation, become trapped in the earth, the greenhouse effect comes as a result. These gases would normally be able to escape from the earth, but when they are unab le to they remain exclude enough to the surface to cause dramatic changes in temperature. Carbon dioxide is the most harmful of these gases as it corset in the atmosphere for an increased amount of time, often exceeding many hundreds of years (Archer, 2007). Even a small buildup of carbon dioxide can cause a significant increase in temperature. The more emissions we allow to enter our atmosphere, the more carbon dioxide that remains. This buildup leads to increased temperatures, and thus global warming. Effects of Global Warming though global warming is being experienced throughout the world, the most noticeable and drastic changes can be seen in locations where ice caps are great in quantity. As the earths temperature increasingly becomes warmer, these ice caps, such as those found in the Arctic, begin to melt. Contrary to popular belief, ice caps melt starting time at the bottom, gradually losing size to their bases and slowly moving up as the ice caps become smaller. or so el even percent of all landmass is glacial ice (Houghton, 2009), so the water levels are greatly effected by the melting ice caps. The ramifications of these melting ice caps may not be outright noticeable, but as they continue to melt, the sea levels continue to rise, which bring forth further problems. As the sea levels rise, the oceans expand. To make room for all of this excess water, the oceans have no choice but to spill over onto our landmasses, which can result in horrific flooding throughout the world. Any landmass that borders the oceans will be effected by

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Political Chaos and Stalemate in East Asia Essay

Political Chaos and Stalemate in East Asia - move ExampleOn the other hand, it also may be rather interesting to analyze the views of the opponent side which claims that existence of the Asian values can hardly be held responsible for the success. For example, they argued that people in this part of the world willingly adopt the role of servants of authoritarian regimes. In addition to that, it is suggested that while the in a higher place mentioned values existed for a considerable amount of time, the rapid economic growth occurred exclusively in the anterior century which challenges the direct connection between the two phenomena.After a detailed examination of the attitude towards the Asian values, it may be rather logical to turn to analysis of some of the states in the region. By far, the sylvan that should be addressed in particular is Japan. Speaking of the future of this member of G7 one might exhibit out and important aspect of its political life for a considerable amou nt of time the latter(prenominal) has been dominated by representatives of Liberal Democratic Party (Hrebenar 69). Indeed, the second half of the previous centuries featured scarcely a hand full of Prime Ministers that belonged to a different party. All this provides a person with suitable grounds suggesting that the future of this country will be closely connected to the activity of the party in question. The next important country of the region is Indonesia. It must be noted that the second half of the ordinal century is marked by the rule of Suharto (Anderson 21).

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Scottish Folk Music Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1000 words

Scotch kinsperson Music - Essay ExampleIt was introduced in the Scottish music industry many years ago (around the 15th century) and was recognized as a family and professional operator. It passed on from generation to generation. The bagpipe is used in dances alone across Scotland. Also, singing along with the music played from traditional instruments similar Harp and bagpipe is similarly a common practice in Scotland. Some Scottish music is also specific to certain share and hence all in all, Scottish folk music is considered to be very unconventional and diverse. legion(predicate) different musical comedy instruments are used in playing Scottish music. One such instrument is the accordion which is mostly used by the countryside musicians. The bagpipe is an another(prenominal) very popular instrument and it has already been discussed earlier. The violin has been used to create regional music and is said to have evolved over time. It is used for playing smiling(prenomina l) and lively beats. The guitar is considered to be new in Scottish music and the harp, which is treated as an ancient musical instrument. Although Scottish music was never dull enough to be revived, it is said that Scottish music underwent a revival in the 1960s. Scottish singers always had an international following and heavy sales, in 1960s came the entry to rejuvenate the spirit of the music. In 1970s, the music evolved from creation completely a solo affair to being a band. In the 1980s duos started and a popularity of rock and metal was observed. Ad in the present times, Scottish music is enjoyed in the form of symphonies and operas. Also Jazz is peculiarly liked in Scotland and numerous noteworthy artists have played their part in mingling Jazz with traditional Scottish music. One outspoken genre of Scottish music is the Bluegrass music. It is a form of Jazz and is symbolized by tunes called breakdowns. Its and like the old-time music in which only one instrument would dominate and continue to be played while other instruments would accompany it. Different people from all over the world like Bluegrass music and enjoy it. It is played on traditional acoustic music string instruments. It is also characterized by upright bass and guitar. But apart from instrumentation, the distinguishing aspect of Bluegrass music is the vocals. Inclusion of other musical instruments like accordion, harmonica, drums, harp and electric guitar resulted in an evolution of Bluegrass to Newgrass. Vocals are also do very differently with two, three or four parts. It is done with a deviating sound in the highest voice. This call of music is called high lonesome sound The music itself is influenced by the music of African Americans. The orientation of the vocals and its synchronization is called Stack. A stack principally has a background voice, a main lead voice and a tenor voice. However, it is not necessary that one sticks to this sequence while singing a stack especial ly when female voices are included. The early days of the genre followed this trio type arrangement. Famous vocalists in this world include Alisson Krauss, Howard Watts and Osborne brothers. Blue grass music is enjoyed all over the world because people can soft relate to it it is actually a narration from the everyday lives of people. This might include their love life, other tensions, lugubriousness with changes that were unwelcomed or financial burdens that people face. It ranges from discussing the difficulty of living in

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Teaching as an Act of Love Essay Example for Free

learn as an Act of Love EssayAntonia Darder presents a portrait of why Freires subject area as an educator was so influential in creating an understanding of genteelness as an art. Teaching truly became an art when educators like Freire began to understand the importance of training in the movement of sociable change. The movement of love in the classroom, the type of love that is lively, beat backful, challenging, and inspiring was the type of love that Darder thought was a durable influence that Freire had on the field. She emphasized the conviction that Freire held in liberating students through education, he believed in the humanizing aspects of education.Freire believed that education was the beast for contri barelying to the human-ness of our political and economic existence as social beings. The article says that, Freire exposed how even well-intenti wizd teachers, through their lack of tiny moral leadership, actually participate in disabling the heart, minds, and bodies of their students an act that disconnects these students from the face-to-face and social motivation required to transform their world and themselves (498). The author argues that his greatest contribution to the field of education was his ability to be compassionate and his regard and concern for his students.The articles that we read this week discuss the concept of alarm, but more importantly the ability to overcome and use the fear as a stringy force in the classroom. He said that it is the fear of savedom that affects the educator and creates a barrier in the classroom from the liberating practices that many a(prenominal) educators believe are important. The style he describes the fear of freedom is the fear of being free from the status quo, the fear of the oppressed classes to realize a freedom from the oppressing classes. Freire thought that the experience of fear was a symbolic fight against the struggle that the liberating educators believe in.Freire said the experience of fear was important because it is a vista to recognize where the fear comes from, what it means, and how it can be used. He said that fear can be alter into courage the courage to make a move away from the status quo, our fear can be harnessed into a motivation. Teachers are affected personally by the relationship between the oppressor and the oppressed the prevalent ideology has such an influence over the subordinate classes that it affects educators because of the fear that they hold within.Freires experiences with oppression develop his political purpose, he wanted to create a liberatory practice to challenge the conditions that limit the capacity in the oppressed class to change the world and right the wrongs of social injustice. Freire hoped that educators would confront their fears and use their beliefs intimately the social structure to teach liberating lessons and influence the future. He thought the way for educators to teach the lessons in which they believed in was to work together, he believed in the power of solidarity to empower a political movement.Freire wanted educators to network and work with iodin another to emancipate students from the social inequalities of our quantify, through networking they could empower one another and give force to their beliefs. Darder introduces the terminal praxis she describes it as the union of action and reflection. The teacher needs to have the ability to practice both(prenominal) of these aspects of education only through action and reflection of the importance of the act of teaching will the ideas of critical pedagogy be realized. Reflection This article do me feel a little better about the issues that we have been reading about throughout this course.The tone of most of the readings thus far has been negative and has made me feel pessimistic about the future of the educational system. The issues that our reading assignments have discussed seem to run so deep in our social consci ousness that there is little hope in reversing the trends of social inequality. This fear makes becoming a teacher seem dismal if all we have to hold onto on our track to teaching is the notion that the patterns of inequality are getting worse and the elites are becoming more powerful how are we as teachers supposed to do anything at all to help our students and ourselves.I enjoyed this weeks reading selections because it brought a defining focus upon the fear that teachers experience and gave a bit of advice on how to use the fear as a powerful force. I believe that the fear that Freire spoke of is one that is shared by many educators. It is a fear that does not diminish with time or experience, on the contrary, it eats at you as you plan your lessons, as you teach your students, and it goes home with you and stays with you outside of the classroom. Freires thoughts on the ability of the educator to channel the fear of being fired or being targeted as a radical into a powerful for ce was inspiring.It was great how he took something negative and turned it into a tool that can be used in a positive way, he encouraged educators to blather about it and network with one another to begin to express their political views about education. He said, Acting alone is the best way to commit suicide (485) and he hoped that instead of acting alone, teachers would work together in their fight. He argued that education is political in nature and this implies that the educator is a political being. I plan to sit quietly at meetings only long enough to have enough people on my side to be able to be heard when I want to speak up on an issue.Freire used the phraseology rock the boat in this weeks readings, I use the phrase rock the boat all the time and I even used it in a recent conversation with my administrator. I was able to talk to her informally about a discrepancy I was having with the other members of my teaching team, and I told her, I didnt want to rock the boat. Sh e looked at me, smiled and laughed as she said, Rock the boat Rock the boat I was halcyon enough to choose the right battle in this case and my administrator was on my side, I am so glad I did not let the fear of confronting the issue consume me.

Capitalism Discursive Essay Example for Free

Capitalism Discursive EssayCapitalism is a outline that promises equality for all, besides somewhat believe that this is all a promise of false hope. The way that hatful deal this statement varies. The view that capitalism is a system that only benefits those who argon already wealthy is a concern that many another(prenominal) have. While this view is held by many people, others believe that capitalism is beneficial since it provides ways to move from kind class to another social class.In school, one always tries to achieve passing grades to advance to the close level, but what if capitalism were to prevent this advancing to the next level in our social classes? The opponents of capitalism consider the offer that capitalism leaves us in the same social class that is determined due to our money. The claim is that we lott move out of our current social class because capitalism doesnt go forth us to rise in class because it only makes the fattyer abstruse and the poo r poorer. The poor atomic number 18nt allowed to stool the skills that can make them richer, and leaves only those in the top tier of earnings to control what the poor are learning. Leaving this power to the rich only can lead people to believe that capitalism makes the rich richer and the poor poorer.If the governing were made up of poor people, would you have confidence in how they control the thrift? The government activity officials are wealthy, and evidence shows that they help the wealthy stay that way, with the help of the capitalism system. The bankers on wall Street have been continuously bailed out by the government because of their bad investment, which was the instigator for the Occupy hem in Street movement of late 2011. It claimed that the top 1% income earners in the country receive constant government bailouts, and the protest movement called for a change in this system. The protest has not made any crucial changes in the capitalism system yet, which helps p rove the point that capitalism only makes the rich richer and the poor poorer.Although in that respect are some problems in society with the capitalism system, the system also comes with many benefits to society. Capitalism allows for the challenger between others, which would be non-existent in a more controlled economic system. This competition between others allows them to try to ready a cheaper product for the masses and it also helps improve the quality of the products and services. Democracy is also another benefit, which allows people to choose what they work in and how they do it. With the unembellisheddom of choice, people can chose to work in what they are skilled in doing and provide a product that is well worth the cost. The meltdom of choice can also attract others from parts of the world where they come int have the option to participate in a free market and allow them to go to a country that is democratic and capitalistic, increasing the marrow of unique items a country can produce. If you examine all governments in the past that depended upon a system that was controlled, such as Communist Russia, you see that they werent successful, and eventually their existence came to an end.Capitalism allows the government to be democratic, which is good for the economy of that country. Capitalism allows that countrys economy to either rise or mint. Although the fall of an economy might be detrimental, whenever a country has an increased rise in their economy, the lives of the inhabitants of that country are greatly improved. The democracy can also give people a peace of mind, knowing that they dont have to fear their government. The free market system also allows many companies to remain in that country, because they have less market restrictions. With market restrictions, the company would move to another country where they have the free market system and would not only take away from the first countrys economy, but also discourage future busines ses and corporations to invest in a controlled market economy.The view that capitalism only makes the rich richer and the poor poorer is one that is held by many and has support, such as not being satisfactory to move in social classes. Although this claim has support, the fact that we dont have to fear the government or worry about the economy not growing is strong support for the capitalism free market system. This freedom of social class and government helps ensure that capitalism doesnt make the rich richer and the poor poorer.

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Van Is a Good taste EssayPie Chart Showing the Occupational first moment of the Trainees political relation Institutions Pie Chart Showing the Occupational Expectation of the Trainees hush-hush culture Schools Pie Chart Showing the Total Occupational Expectation of the Trainees Total 2 2 3 4 5 6 C HAPTER I INTRODUCTION This paper reports the results of a baseborn tracer require and discusses how tracer studies poop be used as a planning hammer to assist teaching and men planning. To imbibe education institutions more efficient, we need to know what happen to graduates. mavin way is to conduct tracer studies. Such studies ar useful for assessing the labour market place performance of graduates and sh whollyow leavers. Uses of Tracer Studies Tracer studies batch be used to achieve the following To collect data on how well the graduates are doing in the labour market To get feedback from the graduates to modify and upgrade the education institutions To figure the needs of the employers To make tracer studies as part of labour market information system To make use of the labour market information to assist insurance policy planners. C HAPTERll METIlODOLOGY AND SURVEY DESIGN.The tracer psychoanalyse questionnaires used include items such as employment status, income, basic demography, waiting time for employment, job changes, military posture to jobs and qualitative feedback on blood lines and programmes of training institutions. tastes of fresh graduates from Yangon fetch of Technology (YIT), Civil, Government Technical Institute (GTI), Mandalay, railroad car Tools, Agriculture proud School, Myittha, during the three academic years 1984/85, 1985/86, 1986/87, were first chosen at random and so efforts were made to establish contact with those graduates included in the sample.Next, a few individuals who received training in specific skills like Computer Operations, Tailoring and Auto-repairs run by private establishments were b esides chosen at random and interviewed. T adequate to(p) 1 Training Institutions Run by the Government No. Training Institutions 1984/85 3 1986/87 Yangon Institute of Technology (Civil Eng. ) Government Technical Institutes (Machine Tools) Agriculture High School (Myittha) 203(10) 244(10) 274(10) 30 17(5) 48(5) 44(5) 15 66(5) 50(5) 24(5) 15 Total 2 Academic Year 1985/86 Sample Size 286(20) 342(2) 315(20) 60 Note Sample size of its are given within parenthesis. remit 2Skill Training execute Run By Private Establishments No. Training Institutions 1988 1 2 3 Computing and typewrite Tailoring Auto-Workshop Total 5 3 2 Intended Interview 1989 1990 5 3 2 5 3 2 Total 15 9 6 30 Interviewers were sent all over the country to contact the graduates selected for interviewing through local administrative bodies. More than iodin visit was involve in tracing slightly 3 respondents for shifts in their places of residents. It is important to note that the sample sizes for private skill-traini ng courses were icy in advance for the sake of convenience. Table 3 Response Rate by shell of Graduates/Skills Sample Response.Response Rate % B. E (Civil) GTI (Machine Tools) (Mandalay) AHS (Myittha) Computing and Typing Tailoring Auto-workshop 30 15 27 15 90. 0 100. 0 15 15 9 15 15 9 6 6 100. 0 100. 0 100. 0 100. 0 Total 90 87 97. 0 No. Graduates/ fount of Skills 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. C HAPfERill PLACEMENT OF GRADUATES Relationship Between Type of Diplomas/Degrees and Type of Work In our study of graduates from some training institutions, both in the formal and non-formal sectors, we see that some are employed in jobs which are related to their educational training, but a great volume arrange their jobs do not curb with their training or acquired skills.For example, a graduate of Yangon Institute of Technology is found to take up the profession of a primary assistant teacher and another as a self-employed shop-keeper. Also a graduate of an bucolic High School (AHS), took up th e post of a Primary Assistant teacher (PAT). A tracer study on the graduates of ready reck hotshotr centres reveal that most of them take up the course because of the challenge of a new subject and also because the universities are closed for the time being. A shortly employed PAT attention the course of computer said that her training and her work does not relate.She has a bachelor degree with physics major and has the feeling that she should be employed in a playing area in which her training might prove to be useful. Our study reveals that training systems such as computer initiates, secretarial, typing schools are currently very popular and heavily attended in the sense that trainees perceived that the new market oriented economic policy would create job opportunities for them. Currently it is seen that such take of employment has not been reached yet. To those who took up computer training a few are fortunate full to find employment in the same institution.Most of the tra inees of typing school ordinarily take it as a pre-course for computer training. around attended such courses to while away before the university opens. Such reasons clear bring out the fact that ultimately employers are the ones who decide on employment. Since employers have great catch over labour market the most obvious solution is to place training under the confine of a board in which employers receive higher representation. Table 4 Match Between Training and Employment No. Institute (or) Training 1. Institute of Technology Government Technical Institutes Agricultural High School.Computer Training Tailoring Short Hand and Typing Auto-workshop 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. related 16 Not Related 4 8 11 1 1 2 5 1 1 1 5 Employment and Unemployment Situation of the Graduates The tracer study brought into view that among the 87 respondent, 38 per cent are not employed. Graduates of higher education face unemployment more often than lower education level graduates aft(prenominal) completin g their studies. A research was conducted in 1977 to find out the prospect that graduates have in securing jobs, the types of line of work where graduates are placed and how graduates have to wait to find jobs.Ten per cent of the graduates from Yangon Arts and Science University, Yangon Institute of Technology, the Institute of Economics, the Institute of discipline, the Institute of Animal Husbandry and Veterinary Science. the Institute of Agriculture, under the Department of higher(prenominal) schooling and the Institute of Medicine and the Institute of Dental Science under the Ministry of Health were measureed. The total retort was 41 per cent within two months. Based on a survey regarding the number of applications submitted for jobs, the highest was found among the B.E (Engineering) degree holders and the lowest among the B. Sc degree holders. Six per cent of the graduates who were offered the jobs they had applied for, did not direct the job. The main reasons for this wa s that either the place of the job was too far out, or there were chores related with the family or the salary was low. Out of the 259 respondents 70 per cent were employed and 30 per cent were not yet employed. B. E. graduates and B. Sc graduates were found to be the largest in number among those not yet employed.In the recent survey in 1990, it was found that more than 59 per cent of the YIT and 53 per cent of the GTI graduates had found employment. For the AHS graduates the extent of employment was astir(predicate) 80 per cent. Among graduates of Computing Typing only 40 per cent and among Tailoring 22 per cent were able to find employment. Auto-workshop trainees are employed cent per cent. This is so because the character of the job is arduous and young quite a little are not willing take on this type of training highly. Table 5 Type of Training and Extent Employment (Per cent) No. Type of Institution1. 2. 3. 4. 5. YIT GTI AHS Computing Typing Tailoring use Unemployed 59. 0 53. 0 80. 0 40. 0 100. 0 41. 0 47. 0 20. 0 60. 0 0. 0 Occupational Expectation of the GraduatGs The external efficiency of an education system involves relationships amid general and vocational education and between schools and work opportunities, what schools and teachers can be expected to do in preparing for future occupations and what whitethorn be expected from a combination of learning in and out of school. The relationships are intricate and divers(a) and can be summarized as follows. 6.First to promote economic growth, it is essential to have a apt labour force equipped to handle technical and managerial conundrums. This presents a more severe problem for developing countries, where skilled manpower is scarce and enterprises that could provide opportunities both for training and employment is lacking. Secondly the problem of unemployment in the modern sector among graduates and others leaving school. In other words, labour supply versus labour demand. third policy mak ers, employers as well as individual tend to consider formal education as passport to jobs in the modern sector.To increase their chances for employment with higher wage, students tend to remain in school as long as possible, sometimes for more years than required by the available jobs. Table 6 Occupational Expectation of the Trainees No. Training Schools 1. 2. AHS No. /1) Industrial Training Centre Government Private JVC 2 3 10 I. /1 +2) 3. 4. 5. Tailoring Computing and Typing Auto-workshop 11. /3+4+5) 9 30% 108 19 69% 220 4 7% 25 Ill. Total /1 +2+3+4+5) 22 49% 176 19 42% 151 4 9% 33 2 14% 50 13 86% 310 3 6 7 7 2 5 Co-op 7 Figure 1 Pie Chart Showing the Occupational Expectation of the Trainees.Government Institutions J. V. C (15. 7%) Private (0. 0%) Private Training Schools 8 Total Government (49. 0%) Private (42. 0%) In our study on trainees from various institutions, we find that 49 per cent of the trainees wanted to pairing government departments, 42 per cent the private secto r and 9 per cent tlie JVCs. It was found that no one wanted to join the cooperative sector. Among the trainees interviewed, two large groups were identified those attending government training schools and those attending private and non-formal training schools.It was found that among those attending government training schools 86 per cent wanted to join government departments and 14 per cent preferred the JVCs. Most of the trainees taking private or non-formal training coveted to join the private sector and to get government jobs as well. A tracer study of 1976177 graduates also point out that 67 per cent of the ograduates wanted to work with state enterprises or departments less than 1 per cent the cooperative sector and the private sector and the remaining wanted to take up all type of work or set up their own businesses.This is understandable, for the state had been the major employer prior to the credence of the market oriented economic policy, but after the adoption of the new economic policy, trainees actually mien forward to join the private sector for work. This fact reflected the need for studying the labour market conditions placing more emphasis on employment effectiveness of the private sector. Income is also one of the main factors in the occupational expectation of the graduates. Our study is concerned with the income generation of graduates. Most begin their work with very low pay.For the YIT graduates, the majority had to start work with a monthly income ranging from K 400 K 750. For technical schools it is much lower, between K 200 K 450. Most of them start to work on a flat-payor daily wage basis. Graduates from the non-formal education sector such as auto-workshop workers, typists were found to earn more than university graduates. This is a natural liquify of blue collar job workers earning more than white collar job workers in the initial period. The nature of the work is different although there is less wage differential. C HAYfER IV ISSUES AND RECOMMENDATIONS Methodology.Tracer studies are usually ad-hoc exercises covering only a few institutions or types of graduates. To use tracer studies as an aid to education/manpower policy making, graduates from all the institutions or programmes run by the Ministry of Education and other ministries should be analyzed. To hug all the institutions and programmes, a sample will need to be selected. To be precise, the question should be asked of what size of sample is necessary to reflect the market demand for specific types of educated manpower. Another issue in methodology is formulating questions. At the centre of a tracer study is the questionnaire.In designing questions it should be borne in mind that much of the resulting analysis will be statistical and therefore the answers will need to be in a form where by they can be aggregated. Another important consideration in designing questions is to ensure that their meaning is clear and unambiguous. There are some fact ors to take into account in the wording of questions. All wording should be unreserved, direct and familiar. Each question should have a star issue. Operation The result of tracer studies can be useful to and fed into the work of several ministries, in particular Education, Labour and Planning.There should be a permanent tracer study unit in one of the above ministries. The advantage of setting up a permanent tracer study unit is that it can integrate information from tracer studies to national planning purposes. The setting of a permanent tracer study could develop a series of tracer studies right across to education/training system. To improve policy decision on education and manpower, tracer studies need to be organized as part and piece of land of the activities of the institution and the information they generate should regularly be fed into the policy-making process. Recommendations.To get up-to date information on the labour market performance of graduates, Tracer Studies should be made regularly. To train more-people who will be in charge of the tracer studies. The person in charge should have, as a minimum, practical experiences of survey work including coding and analyzing cross tabulation. C HAPrER V CONCLUSION As this paper reports the results of a nice tracer study and discusses tracer studies as a method of obtaining regular feed-back on the labour market performance of graduates, it can be used as a tool to assist education and manpower planning.Tracer studies provide information on the demand for educated workers. Besides this it has other advantages. First, the surveys are simple to conduct. Secondly, the typical questionnaire used is short and uncomplicated, and can easily be completed by respondents. The third is that or so all of them can be conducted by mail. They are therefore inexpensive to carry out. The survey can be conducted when graduates return for their graduation ceremony. Fourthly the data collected by tracer studies can b e easily analyzed and understood by non-economists.Like all techniques to aid policy-making, tracer studies have shortcomings. Some of those shortcomings concern data reliability while others stem from the assumptions that underline tracer studies. I L IST OF work PAPER SERIES 1. Education Data Review and Analysis 1 . 1 1 . 2 Performance Indicators in Higher Education by U Thein Htay (DHE). 1. 3 Performance Indicators in Technical, Agricultural and Vocational Education by U Myat Naing (MERB) and U Nyunt Maung (DTAVE). 1 . 4 Quantitative Review of Education Staff by U Tun Hla and U Myint Thein (DBE).1. 5 2. Performance Indicators in Basic Educationby U Saw succeed (Institute of Economics). Population Projections (1983-2013) by U Nyan Myint (Institute of Economics). The Quality of Education 2. 1 2. 2 Pedagogy by Oaw Nu Nu Win (Institute of Education). 2. 3 Curriculum by U Myint Han (MERB). 2. 4 Student valuation by Dr. Khin Saw Naing (Institute of Medicine 2). 2. 5 3. Teacher Quali ty by Daw 00 Khin Hla (Institute of Education). Student Characteristics by U Maung Maung Myint (DBE). Education and Employment 3. 1 Manpower Demand and Employment Patterns in a changing Economy by Dr. Thet Lwin (Institute of Economics). 3. 2.A Tracer Study of Recent Graduates Implications for Education and Manpower Planning by U Kyaw Kyaw (Department of Labour). 3. 3 Linkages between Training Institutions and Employers by U Tun Aye (Ministry of NO. 1 Industry), Daw Myint Myint Yi (Institute of Economics) and U Van Naing (DBE). 3. 4 Education and Work Performance (A Survey of Employers Perceptions) by Daw Hla Myint (Institute of Economics). 3. 5 Non-Formal Education in Myanmar by Daw Win Win Myint (Institute of Economics) and Daw Lai lai Yu (MERB). 3. 6 Labour Market Institutions in Myanmar by U Kyaw Kyaw (Department of Labour). 4.Costs and Financing of Education 4. 1 4. 2 Government usance on Education by Oaw Soe Soe Aung (Institute of Economics) . 4. 3 5. Management and Administr ation of the Education Budget by Or. Khin Ohn Thant (Ministry of Planning and Finance).Non-Government Expenditure on Education by U Saw Gibson (Yangon University). Education Infrastructure 5. 1 5. 2 A Comprehensive Survey of Education Facilities by U Sein Myint (OBE), U Nyi Hla Nge (Yangon Institute of Technology), Oaw Win Win Myint (Institute of Economics), Oaw Naw gaiety Loo (Institute of Medicine 1), U Saw Wynn (OBE) and Oaw Win Win ambuscade (In.stitute of Medicine 1).5. 3 The provide of Infrastructure by U Nyi Hla Nge (Yangon Institute of Technology), U Nyunt Hlaing (Ministry of No. 1 Industry), U Tet Tun (Ministry of Construction) and U Sein Myint (OBE). 5. 4 6. The Construction Sector by U Tet Tun (Ministry of Construction), U Nyi Hla Nge (Yangon Institute of Technology), Oaw Naw Joy Loo (Institute of Medicine 1) and Oaw Win Win Maw (Institute of Medicine 1). Norms and Standards for Education Facilities by U Nyi Hla Nge (Yangon Institute of Technology), Oaw Win Win Maw (In stitute of Medicine 1), and U Tet Tun (Ministry of Construction).Organization and Management of the Education arrangement 6. 1 6. 2 The Cluster System for Primary Schools by U Myint Han (MERB). 6. 3 7. Organization and Management of Basic Education by Oaw Hla Kyu (OBE) and U Myint Thein (OBE). Organization and Management of Universities and Colleges by U Saw Gibson (Yangon University) and U Thein Htay (OHE). Special Studies 7. 1 Economics and blood line Education by Oaw Cho Cho Thein (OBE). 7. 2 The program line of Science and Technology by U Khin Maung Kyi (OBE). 7. 3 The Teaching of English by Or. Myo Myint (Yangon University). 7. 4 Higher Education by U Myo Nyunt (Institute of Education).

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Stand Up for Africa EssayCulture rear be known as the identity or distinction of the deal belonging to a certain religion, flying field or country. Culture shows the way in which the group of volume led their invigoration. Culture basically shows the beliefs, values, standards, vivification styles, usages and behavior of the spate that ar belonging to a certain class. Culture makes a difference surrounded by the people of different aras and religions. People from different socialisations can shargon each others g acquittance if more or less aspect of adept subtlety attracts them. (Define shade, 1, 2009)Ethnic Culture Ethnic farming refers to the group of people that are having same historical culture or same geographical location. It simply refers to the entire minimize of the people. The basic traditional come on and background of pagan groups are same. The word is basically a Greek word and it means the tribe or a nation. Ethnic culture has not been crea ted on the bases of racial differences rather it is quite a different concept than races. The hea thereforeish groups are made on the bases of their professional land, tribes and history.The characteristics that are shared in heathenish culture may include country, origin, language, religion, ancestors and the culture shared by the ancestors. Ethnicity depends upon many different features and these features are related to the biological and historical attribute so the ethnicity is never change and get changed by the culture in which a person is living. He forget always be linked up with his ethnic culture no matter where he is living. The preservation of culture and ethnicity is the right of the people belonging to that culture or ethnic group. A person should always be towering of his history and ethnicity. (Allison, 1, n.d) Hesperian Society It is considered that the horse opera countries that are forming the western order of magnitude are having a practically modernize way of living. Their life style is pretty high as compared to the other countries of the world. Western edict is mostly identified by the high levels of educated people and the modernized way of living. Western lodge is purely based on the modernized world and fashion and they are apparently not side by side(p) any ethnic culture. The western society is on the whole moving ahead towards glamour, fashion and high levels of life styles. Many of the western society related people believe that ethnicity is of no value now.They consider people old fashioned if they are ethical. The western society follows the values that are set by their own. The western values include freedom, equality and modernism. All the European countries are basically western countries. (Western society, 1, n. d) Integration of Western Society and Ethnic Culture In todays world the ethnicity and culture are enough so complex due to the consolidation of ethnic culture with the western society and as it is a known fact that western society adjudges on changing and new trends and traditions are emerging in the western society.The integrating of western society and ethnic culture is really a confused one as both are having different values and believes. The western society is very much strike by the new innovations and developments. This is the age of globalization and developments and the ethnic culture is obviously lacking the innovative approach as well as it does not present any independent system. The ethnic culture is totally dependant over the impost and traditions that were set by their ancestors.Although the western society is having their own values and are just concerned with the independence and innovation but still the presence of ethnicity in the western society can not be denied because no matter to which direction the society is moving but the substructure were obviously the ethnic culture of Europe. The ethnic culture has provided the roots from where the society sta rted to flourish so the ethnicity can not be denied. Every culture and society does posses some root culture or tradition and the western society too follow the ethnic culture of Europe.But apart from the development and innovations it is recommended that the ethnicity should as well be protected. (Bazieva, 1, 1998) Ethnicity can be defined as the perception of a person about himself by existence a member of an ethnic group having some history and attitude to follow. Ethnic culture continues to develop and it is not a static process. Ethnicity develops by adapting a process of observing the ethnic culture for some period of time and thus exploring many new affaires and making their relation with the changes that are being made in society today.So in this way developments in ethnic cultures are being made. Although the western societies are hardly following any ethnic culture but whatever they are doing in the world today they always integrate their modern doings with their eth nic cultures. So with the consolidation of ethnic cultures in to the western society it can not be said that the ethnic cultures ache mixed-up their identities because even in todays modernized western society still the people want to show some history of their ethnic culture in all of their changing trends some how.But the main thing is that how can the ethnic cultures and western society can merge together as they are two quite different ways of living. If both the cultures are integrating then again there will be some people who would not be able to manage. The consolidation of ethnic culture with western society obviously provides bicultural environment in which in most of the cases it has been observe that ethnic culture never loses its identity instead the ethnic culture comes first always. When the ethnic culture is being mingled up with the western society then according to the Sommers,Understanding the process and components of the ethnic realization is valuable. In addition, it may also help to prevent numerous psychological dysfunctions related to identity sloppiness This statement illustrates that the integration of ethnic culture and western society is possible but it is necessary that the elements of ethnic culture should be understood properly and also should be stay freshd as they have got a lot of value because they belong to their background and history and also have been shared by their shankfathers.The elements and characteristics of ethnic identity and culture are very much valuable assets for any individual that he should keep safe through out his life no matter where is he living and how. It is not defective to adapt some thing new or to be modernized but the main thing is that one should never forget his ethnicity. If the ethnic identities are getting mixed up or lost then it also can create serious mental confusions for a person and he will be confused that what he should adapt or what he should not so the ethnic culture sho uld never be ignored.(Huang, 1, 1996) Obviously the western culture has got a lot of differences if it is compared with the ethnic culture and every(prenominal) ethnic culture is different from the other then still in these situations if the adaptation or integration of ethnic and western cultures occur then a lot of struggle is required to bridge the rift among the two cultures.This amalgamation some times also creates conflicts between the groups of people because in this modernized society there are many people who do not believe in ethnicity and also do not respect their history and background so the people who are in party favour of ethnicity get hurt by this thing and such a situation creates the situation of conflicts.In this modify world it is not possible to avoid the amalgamation of different cultures in to the modern world so the bond between different cultures is getting necessary but the main thing is to highlight the ethnic values and believes so that the up comi ng generations do not completely forget the values of their fore fathers. If the ethnic values are not presented clearly then the upcoming generations will never be able to understand their history and culture. There should be always space for all the ethnic cultures when they are being adapted by the western society.The western society should not adapt it in such a way that the ethnic culture calorie-frees its identity. There should always be a balance between the different cultures which means that the attitudes, identity, beliefs and values should never be ignored. If the different identities are maintained then the integration of western society and ethnic cultures will never create any issue like loss of identity and so on but if the ethnic values are being ignored then this will lead to some loss as the values that are given by the elders are always helpful in all the aspects.Basically the integration of cultures never makes any culture to loose its values and beliefs until a nd unless the people who are following that culture are also respecting the customs and traditions set by their ethnic culture. The adaptation of modernization is not some thing wrong but the thing is to preserve your ethnicity and develop your society by keeping in mind your ethnic culture and new customs and traditions should be introduced only by having the background in the mind. (Boulding, 1, 1998)

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Interview with a Record Store Owner Essay Example for Free

question with a Record Store Owner EssayOn a less then good-natured day the weather was cold and rainy so before I odd the safety of my railcar I turned my collar up to face the cold and made a bee line to the computer memory so fast it would put Usain Bolt to shame. When I walked in the stash away I was greeted by the relish of coffee and hold up of The Rolling Stones song Monkey Man playing over the store speakers with the possessor of the store keister singing along to the song and throwing his arms up like a monkey. As soon as you walk into the store your face to face with a giant rack of apply DVDs ranging from Driving Miss Daisy to the Texas Chainsaw Massacre the store itself is not very big on the left human face of the store is a shelf contain recruits from Abba to Rob Zombie on the right side is a shelf holding the cds. I was immediately welcomed by sewer who sitting down in behind his cash register with a sign on it that read No Personal get wind behind him was a giant poster of Frank Zappa which seemed like one of his most prized positions thaumaturgy had. buttocks had on a tie dyed robing stones shirt john had looked tried and he seemed to be discomfort later I found out he looked that way due to having MS.Before john and I st ard talking I investigateed if we could take a walk around the store john told me that he is not able to move very well because I have Multiple sclerosis so he called for his employee Jack to walk with me and directed Jack to answer questions I have. Jack was tall and in his early 20s ,jack and I walked around the store sounding at vinyl they had they had seemed to have every nature you could ask for and if they didnt have it they could order it for you . I asked jack to explain the process of how they value the use phonograph records that come in the shop jack pulled a random of the shelf and proceeded to go over the oblige list scratch we look at the condition of the phonograph album sleeve som e(prenominal) bends or damage to it second we look for the labeling mono, monophonic, monaural, stereo or stereophonic on the sleeve and record label, which identifies the preserve process and helps us determine the value and finally we Evaluate the condition of the record by looking for any obvious damage to the vinyl. Jack holds the record up to the light on a brush aside tilt Look for scratches, record edge nicks or damage to the paper label we have medicine here for everyones price range after that I thanked jack and retuned to talk to john.When I came linchpin to talk to john he had offered me a cup of coffee I accepted and went on to ask john how long has the store been open john told me that I am the fifth owner of Rainbow Records it first st artistryed out in Park Ridge in the mid-1970s. Then the store was travel to Palatine in 1993 by the fourth owner, who offered me the opportunity to buy the store from him in 1997 I then eventually moved the store to here. I asked john what was the first record he had ever purchased john though for a minute and said Surfin Safari by The Beach Boys when I was 9-years-old I ask john why do you think vinyl sales are going up while CD sales are falling There is nothing like vinyl It has a totally divergent sound than CDs or that MP3 stuff. Im sorry, but you dont listen to music on a phone and really get to appreciate it. I said to john it looks like your store buys all types of records and CDs is there any type of music you wont buy? Classical no one asks for it so I dont want it besides this is a rock and roll storeJohn what do you think about kids that have never heard a record on vinyl? They are really missing out Vinyl has a great in-depth sound to it, he says. There is an art to what I call albums and what everybody called albums back in the day. From the cover, which is a piece of art in itself, to listening to, and appreciating the way songs are arranged from side to side, you dont get that with any other mus ic format. Looking around the store and seeing I was the only person in there besides jack maybe because of the weather but maybe because the store isnt doing so well I asked john what got him into the record business If you think about how much money youre going to make, thats a mistake. Youre not going to get rich doing this. What youre doing is share-out your love of music with other people, after john told me that a smile came across both of are faces.Before I had left the shop I walked around the store and picked up three records I think john would approve of the first one I got was The Rolling Stones Let It Bleed, Second album I grabbed was Surfin Safari by The Beach Boys and the third one was Frank Zappa Over-Nite Sensation. When I went up to john for the last time he could not help but to laugh as he rang them up as he handed me the bright yellow bag he said enjoy when I had made it home the first thing I did was put on my new rolling stones record put the needle on Monkey M an and turned my record player up to eleven.

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Labour party Essay Example for Free

Labour political party EssayTo what extent is the Labour party hush committed to its original rulers?The Labour party has often been referred to as a socialist party. However, this is misleading. For most of its life history dating back to the eighteenth century, the Labour party has always had less radical ideologies than socialism and British socialism has always been more moderate than elsewhere in Europe.However, the Labour party abandoned a number of its previous principles in favour of pertly ones, in order to move to the centre drop anchor and enable the party to compete with the Conservatives. It seems that this was ultimately, a successful strategy as it resulted in Labour sweet three general elections and beating the Conservatives. Some concourse are now of the opinion that the Conservatives have, in feature, locomote closer to the centre-ground in order to compete with the New Labour party.Within true socialism, there is the vagary that the economy should b e based upon production for use e very(prenominal)thing produced is just enough to satisfy human pack and demand. socialist economy too works to reduce or remove hierarchy. The most radical form of Socialism has been Marxism. Marxists h white-haired the desire to completely destroy capitalism and its political system. It has been said that Marxism is more like fabianism than socialism. Although Labour has never been revolutionary, it has always argued that its version of socialism can be achieved in a inactive way, through parliamentary means.All but the more moderate socialists have viewed social class as a crucial aspect of society. Some socialists assume that the majority of passel define their position in society in terms of their social class. This was referred to as class consciousness by Karl Marx and the idea is that people tend to develop common interests and purpose with fel emit members of their class. For role model, a number of people within the center classes fe el they study to protect private property interests, as well as feeling the need to promote and protect business and to keep tax as low as reasonably as possible. The working classes, however, are more concerned with issues such as the welfare state, industrial relations, fair wages, entire working conditions and policies that promote equality. In most cases, business classes oppose higher wages, mainly due to the fact this conflicts with the need to make profits and generate funds for further investment.Until about the 1930s, the British Labour party adopted this class position as the Labour has always been forced to consider interests of all the classes in British society, in all of its policies, not just those of the working class. To some extent, the reason for this is the need of electoral support the party has always needed. For a large part of the twentieth century, approximately one deuce-ace of the British public voted conservative and this meant that, electoral reckonin g determined, the Labour party could not win by gaining votes of the other two thirds of the working class alone.Collectivism refers to two main ideas the first being that people tend to prefer to achieve goals collectively as opposed to independently and secondly, action is more liable(predicate) to be taken by people in organised groups than a sum of many assorted individual actions. Collectivism is the political principle of centralized social and economic control. One main example of collectivism practised by the British Labour party in the 1940s was the nationalisation of some(prenominal) large British industries. These industries included the railways, coal, steel, electricity and gas, as well as telecommunications. Nationalisation was a collectivistic enterprise and its purpose was to, firstly, prevent the industrial muscle of private industries exploiting its workers, and secondly, ensuring the industries were run in the interests of the community earlier than just the owner.After 1997, for the majority of the time, Labour followed the principles of the Third Way. Yet, today, many argue that it has gradually shifted towards a New Right position that is, even further away from its original socialist values.The term new Labour tends to be used to describe the change in Labour party policies, ideas and goals that occurred as a result of the modernisation process. This was started in the late 1980s and was accelerated under Tony Blair, in opposition and in government. The differences between new Labour and old Labour tend to be defined by bouncy policy movements. This includes the abandonment of nationalisation and the recognition of the rolled back state, which was inherited from the conservatives.An emphasis on low inflation, for example, demonstrated the wider role. Since 1997, the Bank of England has started setting interest rates cuts in income tax and have started to refuse to lessen to the more sharply progressive income tax rates of the 19 70s cuts in some benefits and eagerness to shake forward with market reforms of the welfare state. New Labour can also be distinguished from old Labour in terms of a weaker association with the trade union movement and a bring down reliability on working class votes.During its early years, New Labour was a party very much dedicated to reforming and modernising, but it was not a fundamental one. It did not make any meaning(a) changes to the policies put forward but the Conservatives, however, it did seek to improve the way in which policy was executed and it has also attempted to make government action more susceptible to the needs of the disadvantaged and minorities in society. Its principle reforms, therefore, have been to the public services and to the welfare state. Over time, the party seems to have turned rapidly to consolidation rather than reform. New Labour tends to focus now on improving the delivery of the policies it has already implemented.

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Family Approach Research Paper Essay Example for Free

Family Approach research Paper Essay rescindThis research paper will in detail find influences donating to the degeneration of Afri bottom of the inning American marriages, outgrowth of African American divorces, and how structural family therapy can relate it. Structural Family Therapy was develop by Salvador Minuchin and his associates in the mid-sixties due to the growing curiosity in selection ways of hypothesizing suffering and familial dilemmas. Structural family therapy is reenforce by an undoubtedly expressed model of family functioning, and has been developed and utilise reliably in way sessions for children and their families (Ginginch Worthington, 2007, 343). Also, this draw will examine what can be done to spay this disturbing status amongst African American families. Monetary, emotional, and cognitive stability atomic number 18 a few of the common reasons and pro give ways of marriage.Studies capture observe that matrimonial couples in contrast to u nattached couples be better-off, healthier, less stressed, and tend to live well into their mid-80s (Pindgerhughes, 2002, p. 269). Thus, there are numerous welfares of being married it could be pretended that matrimony would be a shared accusive for most citizens regardless of race. However, studies crap publicized a radical deterioration of marriages inside the African American families onside an increase in separations. African Americans are the least expected to wed, when they wed, they complete this task later on in life, spending a smaller amount of time wedded than White Americans, and are to a greater extent than likely to operate divorced.Keywords African American, brotherhoods, Structural Family Therapy, Minuchin Family Approach Research PaperAfrican American unifications on that point is a strong importance for research of the nation of African American and marriage because there make water been major motleys from past African Americans marriages relating to t his major decline. According to the National Center on African American trades union and Parentings (NCAAMP) Marriage Index, in 1970, 70.3% of African Americans were wedded and those ratios steadily fallen about 61% in 1982, 51.2% in 1992, 38.9% in 2003, and41.7% in 2010. The rate is declining so noticeably that marriage has been referred to as an alternative life for African Americans (Dixon, 2009). The NCAAMPs marriage advocator exposed the proportions of wedded Americans which comprises 77.8% in 1970, 70.1% in 1980, 59.3% in 1990, 62% in 2000, and 59.7% in 2008. An assumption can be drawn from the above Marriage index reports that there is certainly an important variance between all married Americans and married African Americans along with a change in rates of matrimony from 1980 to modern periods.Additionally, the declining rates of marriage, African Americans seem to be at greater hazard for matrimonial instability (Dixon, 2009, p. 30). Many of these influences are related t o high staminate im prisonment, low sew ratio, poverty, uncertainty toward marriage and premarital switch on. Rendering to research, there are numerous dynamics affecting the decline in marriages and rise of divorces among African Americans. These influences can be characterized as organizational, ethnic, individual, and interactive. Organizational issues as economic and demographic are most commonly focused on during the course of history. The extreme sex ratios between African American males and females have emotional impact on the African American nuptial rates (Rowe, 2007, p. 19). In 2003 there were an estimated 1.8 million more African American females in the population than males (U.S. Census, 2005 Pinderhuges, 2002, 269). other donating feature is the high confinement and mortality rate of African American males (Hill, 2006, p. 421). African American males practise up about seven percent of the populace scarcely over fifty-one percent of the prison population (DuCille, 2 009, p. 605). Furthermore, the desire to fastening women of different races and choosing homosexual lifestyles contrisolelye to the African American marriage rates. some other major issue that makes African American males less desirable for marriage is their struggles of the workforce. The joblessness rate among African American males has been consistently twice that of White American men from the time of the 1930s (Holland, 2009, p. 113). Research has also collected that companies show negative opinions of African American men comprising that they are indolent, unreliable, deceitful, contain little work ethic, espouse their feet, have deprived verbal skill and many others characteristics.Consequently, these men do not have the capacity to deliver for their families also make African American men postpone marriage and also come regarded as less trusted to espouse by the female population. The second sort of factor examine is ethnical. There has been shifting cultural trends d isturbing African American marriage. The sexual revolt, gay and lesbian efforts, and militant movement are activities that distress wedding rates. Forty years ago, sex without marriage was not acceptable, but now it is a communal standard of culture. The feminist movement allowed women to obtain advanced positions in the poke force declining their dependence on males, triggering them not to marry or endure unhappy marriages. And, unconventional lifestyles were presented through and through the gay and lesbian population (LaTaillade, 2006, p. 327). Moreover, living together (cohabitation) is a cumulative behavior particularly inside the African American community.Historically, living with a partner before marriage was unacceptable, but is now widespread among African Americans and many other races. In contemporary times, individuals are determining on gaining independence before becoming married (Dixon, 2009, p. 31). The mass media industries and the way transactionhips are depi cted on television and through practice of medicine contribute to the marriage decline. Because of the support of extended family networks, divorce whitethorn seem less detri moral, making it more of an option when marriages are faced with challenges among African Americans (Hill, 2006, p. 439). Individual factors are tided in by considering individuals desire to marry, features they fashion for in spouses and what makes them commit to a relationship. For an individual to get marry the desire to be married has to be present.One study found that when compared to White American men, African American men, anticipate less gain from marriage in their sex lives and personal friendships and these account for most of the difference in the desire to marry (Holland, 2009, 107). The mate desired characteristics and expectation of marriage and whether it is realistic plays a major role in marriage. equal to other cultures, African Americans generally believe in the husband being superior e conomically, educationally and acts as the provider of the family. Unfortunately for African American women, when compared to African American men, they are more likely to give ear college and to marry someone below their educational and professional status. This pattern of education progresss as two-thirds of African American college graduates are women (Hill, 2006, p. 423).The desire to commit is another donating factor in related to marriage. Recent studieshave revealed the beliefs of African American males having the incapacity to pledge to an eternal relationship. Lastly, as stated above separation rates are greater amongst African Americans than another culture. The features cited directly above are funding to these separation rates as well as African American not having the means to allow them to uphold vigorous persistent relationships. Studies have also displayed that the African American population is less expected to pursue marriage therapy adding to the state of Africa n American divorce rate currently.Structural Family TherapyStructural family therapy (SFT) is a counseling technique of therapy developed by Salvador Minuchin which addresses problems in functioning inside a family. Structural Family Therapists attempt to pass in, or connect, the family in therapy in fellowship to understand the boundaries and rules which oversees its effectiveness, record the associations between family members or amongst subsystems of the family, and eventually interrupt dysoperative relations within the household, triggering it to become stable into healthier arrangements. Minuchin states that dysfunction does not rest in the singular identification, but within the entire family system. Minuchins tactic is originated on the interrelationship of the entire, and the foundation that individuals cannot be detached from the whole.Therefore, Minuchin assumed that a change in the conduct of one household member will necessitate a consistent transformation in the behav ior of other family member. Duplicate roles can affect the ability for a mother to parenting effectively. For example, a mother attempting to a both a parent and a friend or a father that was forced to raise his younger siblings (Rowe, 2007, p, 23). Structural therapists view the facilitation of structural variations in the dys useable family as the main objective, supposing that individual behavioral modifications as well as lessening of altercations will survey as the framework for the familys communication changes (Goldenberg Goldenberg, 2013, p. 329).The structural family model expresses families as systems and subsystems, roles and rules (flexible and adaptable to changes), boundaries, power, and hierarchy. Minuchin defines a functional family as one unit with clear boundaries between individuals and subsystems, promotes growth, and preventsinterruption. The primary objective when utilizing Minuchins model is assisting the family to change its structure or its organization. F or instance, he stated that establishing a structure in which members and subsystems are clearly severalise from one another and hierarchically integrated. Minuchin and other structuralists perceive standard family life as always fix and as a result endlessly creating accommodatements to altering circumstances. What distinguishes functional from dysfunctional families is the flexibility in functional families to change or modify its structure to adjust to changing life cycle stages or to adjust to role changes or situational crises.The clarity of boundaries between subsystems within the family, and an effectively functioning spousal subsystem, help jibe stability despite changing conditions (Goldenberg Goldenberg, 2013, p. 472). Due to a recent mounting body of empirical evidence, studies continue to verify the value of structural family therapy. This method it was widely evaluated during the 1980s by radical novelists and during the 1990s by those interested in the allegations of a social constructionist point of view. Structural family therapy continues to progress in response to experiments reinforced from within the systemic field, and as part of integrative practice and multisystem access codees, with practitioners ever mindful of the need for ceaseless feedback from family members themselves (Rowe, 2007, p. 21).By 1965, Minuchin had become director of the Philadelphia Child Guidance Clinic, originally in the heart of the African American ghetto, where he focused on intervention techniques with low- income families (Goldenberg Goldenberg, 2013, p. 130). The structural climax to therapy has been critiqued and has withstand various experiments from disbelievers nevertheless, it has withstood throughout the years. in the flesh(predicate) IntegrationThe trial of integrating Christian and non-Christian clients fluctuates between different counselors. When clients unambiguously expressed a want for Christian counseling, for example, if a client initiat es a prayer within a counseling session. The Bible often assists clients to absorb the implementation of scriptures can inspire progression within the session. Between sessions homework examining particular scriptural themes likewise inspire development. For instance, our Worthington text states that the useof interventions make change sensible, and thus increases hope. Such interventions can exact physical manipulations, behavioral actions or interactions or making physical products (such as reports, written lists or tapes) that are completed and verbally processed. Worthington (2005) also stated that any theory of marital counseling can be used along with the counselors favorite techniques.The requirements of integration are increased hope and willpower, fit within the strategic framework, and make change sensible to clients (p. 262). I believe that the frequency of use of scriptures should be guided by the consumers articulated openness. Although traditionally I am trained as a counselor not to reference spectrality or religion unless it is first stated by the client, I believe that many consumers who are not currently attending church would be reassured when I fling open that door. later which they can be provided the opportunity to walk through the door, lock it, or leave it partly open to be entered once ready. If my clients were to inquire for details on my beliefs, I would openly speak about my phantasmal journey but also specify that I still have a ways to go.Conversely, this does not take the practice of preaching on my individual Christian principles, or persisting them to trust what I have faith in. In addition, I could look for openings to propose the liaison of religiousness and faith in an overall sense as a portion of my holistic approach I would like to reassure my clienteles to discover the notion that stability in emotional and mental remedies are not exclusively associated with the rectifying of a particular issue rather, comprehensiv eness in therapeutic healing essential integrate the multiple magnitudes of the client.With this instruction and initial outline, it would be up to my client to make the decision to discover how their faith and current behavior are correlated to the complications that have been facing and how their spiritual philosophies influence their mental and physical healing. Studies proposes, that it is highly probable that counselors greatly misjudge the sum of consumers that are experiencing faith-based problems due to consumers frequently lead astray norms that religious concerns were not suitable for conversation in conditions that were not plainly defined as Christian therapeutic settings (Worthington Jr, 2005, p. 262). ghostlike GenogramsIn this course, I began to understand how past generational beliefs can still impact my current viewpoint with assumptions and predisposition. As a result, I believe that it would be important for my clients to understand their spiritual journey on bo th a personal and generational level. During this course, we complete a genogram in order to observe certain behavioral and health patterns however, I would like to integrate spiritual family trees into my counseling sessions. weird histories, spiritual lifemaps, spiritual genograms, spiritual ecomaps, and spiritual ecograms are five harmonizing assessment approaches that have recently been developed to highlight different aspects of clients spiritual lives. Spirituality can be agreed as the clients connection with (their) God, and religious beliefs can been understood as flowing from spirituality, the open expression of the spiritual bond in specific views, approaches, and principles that have been established in a community with other individuals who hold alike(p) experiences of transcendence (Hodges, 2005).Consequently, spirituality and religion are similar yet present differences. Therapists must understand that a single assessment approach is not ideal for all consumers and c ircumstances. The assessment tools examined in this article was purposefully designed to highlight different aspects of clients spiritual worldview. In a counseling session, these assessment methods can become a useful resource to providers that require assistance with clients handling with challenging issues. These interventions can be used as coping strategies since the user can visibly see their peer support networks on paper. Spiritual assessments are beneficial for clients that have misplaced their connection with God spiritual ecograms permits the user to see where their spiritual journey is currently and where it used to be.For example, it may benefit clients with major depressive symptoms to recognize support organizations such as professional group memberships, church, and household. An alternative intervention to complete this task would be spiritual ecomaps. Counselors geared with this assessment, can assist their clients survey their previous and existing domestic and fa ith-based support systems. Subsequently, some assessment approaches will be implemented more effectively in some situations but preferably these assessments are seamless for clients that have gone astray. Various assessments can be used to meet the needs of the client however, certain assessments may be more operativewith some clients than others. Consequently, the therapist must primarily evaluate the clients needs and what they beseech to gain from counseling.This will support the therapist in selecting a suitable spiritual intervention approach. If I am offered a client that desires to change to a diverse faith but it religiously disorganized, I would implement spiritual genograms. This intervention would aid counselors to view if the clients preceding descendants all practiced the same religion. Accordingly, I could determine that the client has an admiration for customs which is producing the spiritual misperception. A consumer may want to change to a different spiritual belie f system but does not want to insult their families this approach can be paired with spiritual ecograms letting them to evaluate their previous and current rapport with God.After assessing their support systems and their spiritual journey, the client could productively create the judgment on whether to alter their religion or not the therapist should not make this choice for them. In my opinion, couples should undergo marriage education and counseling before being able to marry. My marriage and family counseling session would contain the data of African American marriages since couples need to have insight on the problem in order to prevent from being a part of the problem. Hence, unions would gain awareness on the low marriage and high divorce rates within the African American community. Thereafter, perhaps these marriages would fight harder for their marriages and maintaining their families.ConclusionIn conclusion, couples receiving education on the state of African Americans marr iage and divorce along with counseling prepare them with the utensils required to maintain a healthy marriage. I believe that any union seeking assistance would profit with these counseling technique both precedent and during the course of marriage. Additionally, I also have faith that this these methods can produce an upsurge in couples acquire and/or staying married and a reduction in the shockingly elevated rates of African American divorces.ReferencesBerenson, S.K. (2011). Should Cohabitation Matter in Family Law?. daybook of Law Studies, 13(2), 289-328. Burton, L.M., Winn, D., Stevenson, H., Clark, S. (2004). Working with African American Clients Considering theHomeplace in Marriage and Family Therapy Practices. Journal of Marital Family Therapy, 30(4), 397-410. Clarkwest, A. (2006). Premarital Characteristics, Selection into Marriage, and African American Marital Disruption. Journal of Comparative Family Studies, 37(3), 361-380. Dixon, P. (2009). Marriage Among African A mericans What Does the Research Reveal?. Journal of African American Studies, 13(1), 29-46. DuCille, A. (2009). Marriage, Family, Other Peculiar Institutions in African American Literary History. American Literary History, 21(3), 604-617. Gingrich, F., Worthington Jr, E. L. (2007). Supervision and the integration of faith into clinical practice Research considerations. Journal of Psychology and Christianity, 26(4), 342-355. Goldenberg, H., Goldenberg, I. (2013). Family therapy An overview (8th ed.). Pacific Grove,CA Brookes/Cole.Hill, S. A.(2006). Marriage Among African American Women A Gender Perspective. Journal of Comparative Family Studies, 37(3), 421-440. Hodge, D. R. (2005). Developing a Spiritual Assessment Toolbox A Discussion of the Strengths and Limitations of Five opposite Assessment Methods. Health Social Work, 30(4), 314-323. Holland, R. (2009). Perceptions of Mate Selection for Marriage Among African American, College- Educated, Single Mothers. Journal of counsel ing Development, 87(2), 170-178. Kostenberger, A. J., Johns, D. W. (2004). God, marriage, and family Rebuilding the biblicalfoundation. Wheaton, IL Crossway Books. ISBN 9781581345803. Leslie, L. A., Letiecq, B.L. (2004). Marital Quality of African American and White Partners in Interracial Couples. Personal Relationships, 11(4), 559-574. Marsh, K., Darity Jr., W.A., Cohen, P. N., Casper, L.M., Salters, D. (2007). The Emerging Black Middle Class Single and Living Alone. Social Forces, 86(2), 735-762. Martin, T. L., Bielawski, D. M. (2011). What is the African Americans Experience Following Imago Education?. Journal of Humanistic Psychology, 51(2), 216-228. Mc. Clain, C. (2011). Family Stories Black/ White Marriage During the 1960s. Western Journal of Black Studies, 35(1), 9-21. Pinderhughes, E. B. (2002). African American Marriage in the20th Century. Family Process, 41(2), 269. Rowe, D. M. (2007). Marriage and Fathering reproduction Our Children Within the Context of Family and Community. Black Scholar, 37(2), 18-22. Worthington, E. (2005). Hope focused marriage counseling A guide to abbreviated therapy. Downers Grove, IL Inter-Varsity Press.