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Coal Chemistry and Technology Essay example -- Coal Research Paper

1.ember formation burn was formed from remains of plants from some(prenominal) hundred millions years ago partially decomposed. These remains were settled in regions where waterlogged or swampy regions prevailed. These conditions avoid complete decomposition making thinkable the gradual peat formation. Peat is not considered sear actually, but is an essential step to coal formation. This formation process is called coalification and it is essentially a progressive change from peat to anthracite way out through different types of coals. This process not only depends on the time, but also on temperature and burial pressure (Speight 1983). Schematic representation of the coalification process (Speight 1983) 2.Coal ClassificationCoals can be classified by its rank. The rank of the coal can be defined as the degree of alteration that coal experiments during the coalification. On the one hand there are Lignite and sub-bituminous coals which are Low rank coals. These have a lower conte nt in Carbon, are lighter and have higher moisture levels. On the other hand there is Bituminous coals and Anthracite which are high rank coals. They have a higher content in carbon which means they have more energy content. They have lower moisture levels and a more vitreous look (University of Kentucky, 2012). 3.Coal CompositionCoal is an organic sediment which can be described in several ways. The most common way is in impairment of the elemental composition. J. G. Speight, (1991) suggested that coal can classified on the basis of the general formula Cn Hm Nx Oy Sz (where n, m, x, y and z are number of atoms of each element)Coal is not a homogeneous material. It is heterogeneous and is contaminated by different types of impurities w... ...rcel Dekker Inc.Classification and Rank of Coal. University of Kentucky. (2012). ONLINE Available at http// Accessed 12 November 13.Couch G. R, (1991). march on coal cleaning technology IEA Coal Research. (IEACR/44)Vernon J.L, Jones T, (1993) Sulphur and Coal. London IEA Coal Research (IEACR/57)Ryan, B, Ledda L, (1997). A review of sulphur in coal with specific part to the telkwa deposit, North-western british Columbia. Geological Fieldwork, Paper 1998, Pages 1-10Morrison G. F, (1981). Chemical desulphurisation of coal IEA Coal Research. (ICTIS/TR15)Blzquez B.L, Ballester A, Gonzlez F, Mier J.L, (1991). Desulfuracin de Carbones, la biodesulfuracin como alternativa. Minera del Carbn. Pages 40-49Morrison G. F, (1982). Control of sulphur oxides from coal burn IEA Coal Research. (ICTIS/TR15)

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Job - Character Analysis :: essays research papers

stemma was a man who was perfect (not sinless) and upright, one that feared God and turned away from evil. Job is a perfect example of universal suffering, why those are good suffer along with the individuals who are called bad. Job was a man who God had allowed to obtain riches and fame. He had all of the finer things in life. Satan knew this, and wanted to bring sorrow and pain into Jobs life for the main purpose of show God that these were the reasons Job was so faithful. Satan was wrong as always. Job understood that it is the Lord that gives and takes away, for Job said, blessed be the Lord. The book of Job was scripted to instruct us, to rebuke and correct us, and perhaps to prepare us to handle the hardships of life, the experiences of bereavement, loss, and grief at a level that man could never hope to achieve. Job is a book about a man who believed in God, a believer who was badly advised by three friends who were ill equipped to counsel, and had no grasp of the spiritua l realities that God teaches. God permits suffering in the life of the believer in order to strengthen his faith. It is precisely when the hedges are moved from about us that we find ourselves depending upon God. The more we are deprived of the temporal supports for our earthly happiness, the more we are driven to the Lord for our comfort. This is why Job was chosen. Because of his completely unmerited suffering, his steadfastness in faith, and his complete submission to God, Job received the honor of becoming a chief figure in the Bible (Psalm 23, Hebrews 1211, crowd 511). Gods ways are often beyond our understanding because we view the issues of life from a limited earthly perspective. Gods viewpoint is from above, he sees all things from the standpoint of

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Childhood Memories in My Papas Waltz by Theodore Roethke and Piano by

Childhood Memories in My Papas Waltz by Theodore Roethke and forte-piano by D.H. LawrenceMy Papas Waltz by Theodore Roethke and Piano by D.H. Lawrence are two poems in which grown men recall memories of their childhood. My Papas Waltz has a quietly sad, almost resigned tone as Roethke relives his nightly dances with his father as a young boy. Lawrences Piano is somewhat dreamy as a man is taken back by a song to his childhood. While both are presented to us done similar personas, striking differences are apparent throughout the two poems.My Papas Waltz is the pensive recollection of a boys nightly waltz around the house in the arms of his father. Roethkes poem gives a voice to the often silent internal conflict that the children of addicts struggle with. The sad resignation of the young boy is solidified former(a) on in the poem. In the first stanza Roethke sets a tone of both pain and loyalty with the line, But I hung on like death such waltzing was not easy (479). My Papas Wal tz provides readers with the opportunity to see life through the eyes of...

Emily Dickinsons Because I could not stop for death :: essays research papers

Emily Dickinsons "Because I could not stop for death" and " I heard a strike down buzz when I died", are remarkable masterpieces that exercises mentation between the known and the unknown. Critics call Emily Dickinson"s poems masterpieces with strange " haunting powers". In Dickinsons poems " Because I could not stop for death" and " I heard a fly buzz when I died" are created less than a year apart by the same poet. Both poems talk about death and the impression in the shadowiness and symbols that exudes creativity. One might undoubtedly agree to eerie, haunting, if not frightening, tone in Dickinsons poem. Dickinson uses controlling adjectives-" late and "passed"-to create a tone that seems rather placid. For example, "We slowly drove- He knew no haste/ ...We passed the school.../ We passed the setting sun," sets a slow quiet, calm, and dreamy atmosphere (5, 9, 11, 12). "One thing that impresses us," one au thor wrote, " is the remarkable placidity, or composure, of its tone" (Greenberg 128). The tone in Dickinson"s poems will put its readers ideas on a unifying track heading towards a buggling atmosphere. Dickinsons masterpieces lives on complex ideas that are evoked through symbols, which carry her readers through her poems. Besides the literal significance of the "school," Gazing Grain," "Setting Sun," and the "Ring" much is gathered to complete the poems central idea. Emily brought to light the mysteriousness of the lifescycle. Ungraspable to many, the cycle of oneslife, as symbolized by Dickinson, has three stages and then a final stage of eternity. These three stages are recognized by Mary N. Shawn as follows "School, where children strove" (9). Because it deals with an important symbol, the "Ring" this start-off scene is perhaps the most important . One author noted that "the children, at recess, do not play as one wou ld expect them to precisely strive" (Monteiro 20). In addition, at recess the children performed a venerable ritual, perhaps known to all, in a ring. This ritual is called "Ring-a-ring-a-roses," and is recited Ring-a ring-a-roses, A pocket full of posies sleek over hush hush hush Were all tumble down. (qtd. In Greenaway 365) Monteiro made the discovery and concluded that "For indeed, imbedded in their ritualistic game is a reminder of the somebody stakes that the poet talks about elsewhere" (21). On this invited journey, one vividly sees the "Children" playing, laughing, and singing.

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Huck Finn :: essays research papers

Pg. 2After supper she got out her throw and learned me well-nigh Moses and the Bulrushers, and I was in a sweat to find out all abut him but by and by she let it out that Moses had been dead a considerable long time so then I didnt care no more abut him, because I dont organize no stock in dead people.In the beginning of the book, when huckaback is first taken into Widow Douglas house, she tries to get him to be more civilized. She reads to him from the Bible, teaches him how to read and behave, and evening forces him to wear shoes. This quote was Im guessing Hucks first encounter with religion, because obviously his father wouldnt have taken him to church. Huck is first intrigued by the adventures people experienced, but is quickly bored when he finds out that they all died a while ago.In this passage, Mark Twain uses Huck to show his objection to the blind faith that civilized society places towards religion. Im guessing Mark Twain wasnt a very religious man. This whole book is on the different downfalls of society, and I guess Mark Twain considers religion to be one of those. I do agree with him on this count. Although Im Christian, I do agree with the various slight comments he makes throughout the book to show how people fell its ok to do any(prenominal) as long as they can justify it by the bible or something.Pg. 12peraps if we keep them till theyre ransomed, it means that we keep them till theyre dead.When Huck Finn sneaks out to go play with Tom Sawyer and all their other friends, they decide to form a gang of robbers. They decide to hold people ransom, take out they dont really know what ransom is, so Tom just comes up with a meaning to the word that he thinks sounds about right. alone of the boys in the gang agree. I think this quote fits in with the theme of the book satire of society. While the meaning of the word ransom may non be a crucial topic, the concept that I think Mark Twain is trying to illustrate is that if one person says somethi ng everyone will follow. The boys have no way of knowing what the real meaning of ransom is, so they just blindly go along with whatever Tom suggests, and that is one of the biggest downfalls of society, even today.

Huck Finn :: essays research papers

Pg. 2After supper she got out her book and learned me about Moses and the Bulrushers, and I was in a sweat to find out all abut him but by and by she let it out that Moses had been dead a considerable long metre so then I didnt care no more abut him, because I dont take no stock in dead people.In the beginning of the book, when Huck is first taken into Widow Douglas house, she tries to get him to be more polite. She reads to him from the Bible, teaches him how to read and behave, and even forces him to wear shoes. This quote was Im guessing Hucks first encounter with religion, because obviously his father wouldnt have taken him to church. Huck is first intrigued by the adventures people experienced, but is pronto bored when he finds out that they all died a while ago.In this passage, Mark Twain uses Huck to show his objection to the blind faith that civilized society places towards religion. Im guessing Mark Twain wasnt a very religious man. This whole book is on the different do wnfalls of society, and I guess Mark Twain considers religion to be one of those. I do change course with him on this count. Although Im Christian, I do agree with the various slight comments he makes throughout the book to show how people fell its ok to do whatever as long as they can justify it by the bible or something.Pg. 12peraps if we keep them till theyre ransomed, it means that we keep them till theyre dead.When Huck Finn sneaks out to go ply with Tom Sawyer and all their other friends, they decide to form a gang of robbers. They decide to hold people ransom, except they dont in unfeignedity know what ransom is, so Tom just comes up with a meaning to the word that he thinks sounds about right. All of the boys in the gang agree. I think this quote fits in with the theme of the book satire of society. While the meaning of the word ransom may not be a life-and-death topic, the concept that I think Mark Twain is trying to illustrate is that if one person says something ever yone will follow. The boys have no way of knowing what the real meaning of ransom is, so they just blindly go along with whatever Tom suggests, and that is one of the biggest downfalls of society, even today.

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Othello Critical

Travis Gordon ELA 30-1 October 3rd, 2012 Jealousy, the universal feeling weve all experienced at one time or another. Whether it be the newest piece of technology that someone has that you dont and wish you did, or that kid on the playground that had those new light up shoes that were all the rage. Jealousy is not something that can be avoided, plainly controlled. It sneaks up on you, like a tree root sneaks up on concrete before it breaks to the surface.In William Shakespeares tragedy Othello, jealousy is a primaeval component used by many an(prenominal) characters as a weapon that is twisted and manipulated to serve their own ends. Iago, a deceitful and manipulative snake or the ironic pseudonym Honest Iago uses jealousy as a way of getting what he wants without realizing nor caring about the backlash of repercussions his actions have on the multitude around him. O, beware, my lord, of jealousy It is the green-eyed monster, which doth mock The meat it feeds on.That cuckold liv es in bliss Who, certain of his fate, loves not his wronger But O, what damned minutes tells he oer Who dotes, yet doubtssuspects, yet strongly loves (III,iii,) He refers to jealousy as a green-eyed monster, because it is a scary thing to behold when it gets out of hand. once it is unleashed, it is not easily contained. Once he contaminates Othellos mind with the thoughts of Desdemona being unfaithful to him, and sneaking around behind his back with his lieutenant Cassio, it spreads like a wildfire inside Othellos head.He begins to doubt himself. Although he knows in his heart Desdemona to be true to him, he cant help but think about the dour accusations Iago has impregnated his mind with. Another character Iago manages to control with the raw power of jealousy is Roderigo. Iago manages to convince Roderigo that if he puts money in thy purse, Iago will prove it so Roderigo can be together with Desdemona. This is a clear example of how easy it is to control a person once you give them a false hope of something that could never be. What should I do? I confess it is my shame to be so fond but it is not in my virtue to cleanse it. (I,iii,317-318) Roderigo admits to Iago that he is overcome with jealousy for Desdemona, but it isnt within his character to change the way he feels towards her. Iago sees an opportunity to make a profit from Roderigos misfortunes and designates him on a mad quest to be with the woman he loves. The ideas Iago plants into Roderigo, once they are rooted deep inside him, cacography to teem like weeds in an unkempt garden.It is a dream that in the end costs Rodrigo more than just his wealth. He pays the iron price, with his life. Jealousy, when set upon a person who has already harboured inside them, it spreads. Once it spreads, it is no easy task to eliminate or control. We see this in Othello, as it costs many of the characters their lives, because of a feeling false hope and manipulation, in the hope that what they wanted would be theirs.

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Case Study: Lean Implementation at Siemens’ Kalwa Plant Essay

1.0 EXECUTIVE SUMMARY & COMPANY BACKGROUNDBriefly, in this case we glimpse on Kalwa Planet- s push throughh in India which improve itself from a traditiona tiltic organization to hightail it management structure. The first Siemens work shop started on May 1st, 1955 in a sm every last(predicate) place on Mumbai with 10 employees and with very simple equipments. Their main business is fixing damaged switch rooms and other fabrication jobs which most of their comp sensationnts were imported and small number of them produced inside workshop. In 2009 Siemens community in India consolidate its placerather than out front this featureory equipped with the most modern machinery and testing facilities and 40 percent of the India Siemens worked in Kalwa factory, non only they change their contribution during these years from a simple gathering site to the medium voltage switchboards (M1) producer ,medium voltage indoor(a) and outdoor vacuum circuit breakers (MC) producer , gas insula ted switcher (M2-GIS)producer in corroborate of the main connection , but withal they improved their daub in the market , now the company has 5 factories in Mumbai , Nasik , Calcutta ,Aurangabad and Goa , 4000 employees and 11 sales stains, 300 dealers . Further more their company is second Siemens factories outside of Germany after Brazil branch. Siemens improve its products in 4 sections 1-industry 2-energy 3-healthc are 4-consumer products in India and all of the world and our case company manufactured low categorization and high variety products which be hanker to power distribution segment, energy division. Siemens Company in India competed with ABB, Areva, Schneider electrics on the other hand Kalwa products exported to Bangladesh, Sri Lanka, Nepal, Bhutan, Maldives, Oman, Qatar and etc.In 2009, 60 to 65 percent of The Switchboard Factory (WSWB) area allocated to manufacturing panels (M1) and IVCBs (MC) and remain space remains for manufacturing OVCB (MC) and M2 products . This company had 400 personnel (blue and white collar) and employees worked in 2 working shifts and one extra shift (if necessary). Manufacture cycle order proviso and logisticalInitially , SOE (sales order engineering) was the first segment in M1 which had or so duties like design manufacturing , regale planning ,testing and quality package and dispatch commercial , incoming inspection and stores. Local customers ordered to the regional sales police squad and marketing police squad focused on export orders. Every order that transferred to the SOE marked and entered to the factory. All the orders moldiness passed two stages 1-Design and engineering stage , 2-order planning and execution stage. After an order received by marketing section, then SEO prepared an engineering drawing with cooperation with sales colleagues and customer (to cover customer needs), these drawing prepaid in 2 stage A and B , in stage A they adopt all info except wiring diagram which completed in se ction B .after going these twolevels they sent their drawing to the customer to approve and then send it to the manufacturing. During these impactes SEO consulted them to avoid any non standard customer affectment if all the level passed flop the documents were passed to the manufacturing plane section.Technical Order Processing department (TOP) received orders and recorded it in to the action planning database according to their times then delivery committee tried and true to estimated the delivery date to the customer. Every order call for two type of raw materials (equipments) 1-electrical , 2- mechanical ,the top staff wrote the necessary equipments in a list that called (BOM) bill of materials list . The BOM sent by enterprise resource planning software (ERP) to the material planning department, mechanical equipments were goed inside of the company and electrical requisite to order to the supplier.Then procurement cycle started next equipments release to the shop acco rding to the requirement. The exits manufacturing organisation had many error, waste and inefficiencies in shop embellish and logistic (they wasted long time and valuable raw materials and sometimes the manufactured panels wasted because of weak layout design) , on the other hand on 2006 customer demands change magnitude around 75 percent and managers need to enhance their manufacturing process efficiency to reduce their costs and respond sooner to the customer demand .in October 2006 Siemens AG sent a letter regarding the death penalty of hunt down management in Kalwa company and mentioned they eagerness to improve Kalwa factory like the other branches during the world . They pass judgment this executing go away enhance companys capacity to triple during five or half a dozen years.Lean management execution of instrument gradationsThe turn tail management team up visited Siemens site in flop which managed in sparse management methods then adviser added to the team me mbers , one of the most big duties for managers and team member is to clarify how much this execution of instrument is vital for the company to hold its market share and all the personnel had a critical role to achieve this goal , thus managers started the Lean management process with brilliance storming among all the company sections , they asked which points hold waste during productprocess ? They wanted to have intercourse and eliminate any waste of time and raw material during product line. However, changing the working methods which many person work with it for many years has some jaundice among different groups.the scat team decided to divide their changes to 1-layout 2-support system 3-vendor management 4-cultural changes , which these changes caused to improve the Kalwa company efficiency. Lean team had trifleing with personnel of sections that had more errors after pass implementation, team members tried to find out enigmas and seek to solve the manage.2.0 QU ESTION 1Has Siemens Kalwa plant been effective in achieving thin implementation? In our opinion, Siemens Kalwa bring has been affective in achieving guide implementation. The main contributing factors for an effective disputation implementation for Siemens Kalwa Plant are as follows 1. Top trouble provide a very good support and clear direction a. Lead by Global Head, Mr Gewaldb. Siemens Kalwa Plant General Manager, Mr Khandekarc. Mr Khandekar, demonstrating walk the talk by showing his commitment by closely involved in the implementation natural action to ensure the actors understood the objectives2. suitable planning in deduceing the as is process and to be process d. 6 months of impact judicial decision and feasibility study on Vacuum term of enlistment Breaker (VCB) animated product line processes3. Lean objectives and target was communicated clearly to the whole team in Kalwa plant e. Introduction of Gewald to the shop floor workers and office employees to clearly c ommunicate the chess opening and the lean implementation objectives f. Clearly communicate that lean implementation to be introduced to only manufacture of panels and VCB. g. Provide clear contend on why the two (manufacture of panels and VCB) waschosen4. Formation of Implementation team to operationalize and monitor h. Siemens Kalwa Plant General Manager, Mr Khandekar as the head for both the panels and VCB implementation team i. Supported by Mr Vedak for VCBj. Working group from cross functional team managers and executives5. Site visit to learn from a real life lean implementation k. 2-3 team members and Mr Vedak visited lean plant Maruti l. Kandekar and Vedak visited Siemens Switchboard in Turkey6. Appointment of consultant to help on the lean implementation m. The consultant provide tangible potential benefitsi. Increased productivity of laboursii. Reduction in Inventory Leveliii. Improve space utilizationn. Knowledge sharing and outperform practice based on real life lean implementation from other industries7. Organization are highly committed and motivated in implementing lean o. Group leaders support the workers maintaining the pace of the line p. Khandekar and his management team will attend the splashboard meeting to resolve issues q. By the actions of 7.a and 7.b, the employee realizes the importance of the initiative and start to commit themselves in making it a success r. With proper training, the employee feels engage and motivated to ensure the initiatives is a success The 7 contributing factors in a higher place enable Siemens Kalwa plant to effectively implement the changes required below 1. Layout changesa. Assembly line introducedb. Work station based on orderc. located takt time2. Support System changesd. Introducing Dashboard for issue escalatione. A fix time to discuss the escalated issue. The and mandatory for the f. Training to ensure the employee has the right skill-sets 3. Vendor Managementg. Able to adopted Just In Time (JIT) supplies delivery h. Able to embrace Pull Philosophy4. Cultural changesi. Team belongingnessj. Uniform dress-codeAfter 12 months of implementing lean, Siemens Kalwa Plant achieved its 3 main objectives for implementing Lean processes bases on the followings business out deal 1. Panel throughput time on the shop floor had reduced by approximately by 30 per cent 2. First Pass Yield (FPY) had increased by approximately by 40 per cent 3. Worker productivity had increased approximately by 30 per cent Siemens Kalwa plant should further refine and improve the improved processes/functions or to include other processes/functions which not part of the original scope to be part of the lean implementation. Siemens Kalwa plant should look into implementing lean to the remaining processes/functions as shown below 1. Design department processes/functions2. Engineering department processes/functions3. Vendor and supplier manufacturing processes/functionsThe approach above combine with the adherenc e to lean principles and lean steps should ensure lean implementation is sustainable.3.0QUESTION 2How was the organizations change process managed?Actually this company had different sections which needed to change during lean management theory for example shop floor , design and engineering departments, vendor and suppliers all of these sections work in traditional methods .on the other these company use two different kinds of resources 1- mechanical , 2-electical which mechanical components exist in the company warehouse. But electrical components needs to order and buy from suppliers, this company manufacture in mass customization method. As a matter of factchanges had started with cooperation between Mr.Kulkarni with corporate strategy department to find out feasible switchboard part for implementation lean management in process , on the other hand management replacement occurred Mr. Kulkarni was promoted to director of Medium voltage Division and Mr. Khandekar raised to gener al manager for WSWB factory . Following, Mr. Gewald worldwide person in charge of lean project in the Siemens Switch Boards arrived at the Kalwa factory , and manager introduced him to the shop floor workers and office employees and they decided to implement lean management in the VCB company too .In the first step Vedak and some members of the team had a trip to the lean plant of Maruti and they could understood benefits of lean management at the same time some American consultants arrived to the Kalwa factory to cooperate with them in lean management process implementation. Initially consultants had a meeting with manager and rationalizeed for him benefits of lean management like increase productivity, reduction in inventory levels and improve space utilization. In 2008 khandekar and Vedak visited Siemens site in Turkey and surprised of implement lean management results in company efficiency. Managers needed to restructure layout and process to implement lean management .obviousl y errors, inefficiencies and wastes were not clear before implementation, during this process managers asked every department idea to achieve efficient ways and reduce next impact between personnel. Kalwa Company needs this process because come in demands enhanced for their panels. Company must changed exist traditional layout in operating sections that needed unity among workers and supervisors.They decided to cultivate workers with rewards if they will catch the enough production monthly. They decided to prepare six work stations along their five assembly lines and they made this process flexible to use leader worker team to help the other assembly line (if necessary). As a Mather of fact, its necessary to change support system for new layout, managers used a board at the beginning of every assembly line which describe who are person in charges? Production features and their quantity? And necessary raw materials this board called splasher and help to the company to find out the mis allot or weakness points during the process. Seriously, suppliers were one of the most vital parts for their JIT and lean management. Lean companies need the go down part in a correct time because they do not have inventory any more. In the beginning there were many repugnance between companys operational section and suppliers which cause to direct meeting between lean team members with them and team members describe that it is possible this methods make extra cost for you but in long time this method will improve company production quantity and improve your selling. Mr. khandekar decided to self-collected every line member (engineers , workers , etc ) as a team to improve their organization culture , for feeling team belonging he decided to take 30 min for their pray and sport activity daily.3.0 QUESTION 3What defense did Khandekar face in implementing the change and why?Lean is consider one of the most important success factor in an organization strategy as one of its main focus is to diminish impediments to the production line in order to ensure smooth process flow by eliminating waste. As noted in the article, time waste was evident passim the department in the value chain and this requires study changes to the process flow. Since this would involve adjustment to the process flow and directly impact the way employees had been performing their task for years, it has make believed resentment from dissimilar groups of employees. Eventually, most of the departments involved are becoming defensive of their own approach and the way they do their work.At the beginning of every line there were dashboards installed throughout the shop floor, SOE and right to the dispatch section. The shop engineers and workers will post all issues that occurred on the line including the names of the people involved. The errors uncovered from various departments thru lean system which are overlooked previously has formed strong resentment among the workers specially for those who werent at ease in admitting their mistakes. This has leads to workers blaming each other which ended out with heated arguments among the departments. Furthermore, the structure change within the team, high human intervention in team activities and lack of synchronization between departments has contributed to high numbers of errors. single of the main reasons that contributed to this resistance isbecause the workers view the lean system as just another initiative from the management.Furthermore, the workers bonuses were solely dependent on the lines productivity. In the event where throughput of the line is hampered due to issues, workers productivity as well as their salary will be affected as they need to wait until the issue is resolve and might need to extend their working hours. in that respectfore, the disruption was unacceptable and was compounded by the labour union.Vendor management is considered one of the toughest issues and it posed major challenges for Kalw a plant. All this while, vendors were so used to supplying in batches the required materials and goods for a large numbers of orders by a certain date. Thus majority of the vendors could increase the cost advantages due to supplying materials in bulk. However, with lean implementation, the material is only required once the one-on-one panel came on the production line since there is no longer needs for materials to be delivered by batch or by customers order. The change had a vast impact to suppliers where vendors were required to be eer reminded of the new arrangement and to deliver the goods the following day which impede their profits since they could no longer exploit the economies of scale.Additionally, the new set up has in any case channel an impact to the material planning group as they need to arrange order for individual panels constantly instead of ordering in bulk and require to be in constant contact with the suppliers to ensure the material is delivered on time.5 .0QUESTION 4How did Khandekar handle the resistant to change?The company faces several challenges despite the benefits of booming implementation were attractive. The challenges among others include restructuring the organization, getting the staff to accept the lean implementation and handling the resistance from internal and external stakeholders. One of the way Khandekar handle the resistance to change is byorganizing meeting to explain to the employees the importance of adopting lean to cater the growing demand for panels. This lean was implemented at the shop floor which also requires the supporting department to adopt the lean implementation which includes layout changes, changes in the support system, changes in vendor management and cultural challenges. As for the layout change, the group leader plays a role to support the workers in maintaining the pace of the line. The workers will press an and on light which would then light up another add on lamp in the manufacturing dep artments office in the event there is an issue with regards to the material or drawings. The TOP material planning or the equipment group would meet the worker to discuss the issue and subsequently the light would be switch off upon the issue is settled. Khandekar also attend meeting with a some other head of departments to discuss on the issues involve as well as those individual staff names which is listed on the dashboard.The meeting which is conducted every afternoon 2 pm for an half an hour provides the basis for managers to identify number of panels manufactured for the day, how the line is progressing and identify the issues that hampered the lines progress. During the meeting, the issues are gradually addressed the individual staffs involved were required to solve the issue by performing 6hkooa root cause analysis. Khandekar also face challenges to implement the lean as the vendors face problem to supply materials as and when required when the respective panel come on line as previously the materials were supplied in batches as per the agreed timeline. Hence, to overcome this issue, the lean team visits the vendors and presents the benefit of lean program. For short term, it was decided that vendors will manufacture the material in bulk but delivery of the materials as required by the line. Khandekar also introduce joint prayer and exercise session at each assembly line at the beginning of every shift. This concept was also introduced to the personnel in office. All the members involved in the lean project were given a T-shirt with lean logo which represents the team effort which was afterwards introduced to the workers besides to the office staff and management. Khandekar also introduce key performance indicators and the workers performance bonuses are determine based on the agreed panel produced, i.e. six panels per day per line. The abovementioned solutions were identified and implemented by Khandekar to handle the resistance to change tosuccessfu lly implement the lean at Siemens Kalwa Plant.6.0QUESTION 5How was the lean implementation institutionalized in the new set-up? When Siemens AG (headquarters) decided to implement lean manufacturing in the Kalwa factory, few initial steps were taken to ensure a proper foundation in terms of knowledge and understanding of lean manufacturing is first build in the Kalwa factory. Mr.Gewald, global head for spearheading lean project was brought in to the Kalwa factory to educate the top management level on what lean manufacturing is all about and how it can improve and benefit the factory. One of first few actions that Mr.Gewald took was to form a lean implementation team with Mr. Khandekar as the project leader and Mr.Vedak as the lean manager. Mr.Gewald with the help of consultants from United States held few meetings with the management to explain the potential benefits of the implementation. Through brainstorming and awareness sessions, the consultant team also gave presentation on t he successful lean implementation in other companies especially at Toyota. apart from that, Mr. Khandekar and Mr.Vedak also had a series of factory visits to companies which have completed the implementation of lean manufacturing. The main purpose of all this meetings, presentation and visits were to create the managements confidence and prove how the implementation will be beneficial. Creating the belief and confidence of the management is essential in ensuring the success of the implementation.Once the lean team has been formed and the essence of lean manufacturing has been incorporated in them, the team starts the implementation process. Figure 1 show the implementation process.Observations & Analysis of electric current process flow Identify Waste Area Identify Changes and Implementation Monitoring PerformancesKey Activities* Process Mapping to understand how the current process works* Current process flow chart is derived from the process mapping activity.Key Activities* From the derived process flow chart, waste or non value added works are identified.* Through brain storming, the ways and means to make this process efficient are discussed. Key Activities* From the analysis, changes are identified and the implementation process begins. The changes will cover- a) Layout changesb) Changes in support systemc) Changers in vendor managementd) Cultural changes.Key Activities* The supervise KPIs were defined.* A monitoring team was formed to document, analyses and report on these KPIs.Figure 1 Implementation process of lean manufacturing.As mentioned in question one, lean manufacturing by principle is the elimination of waste or non-value added works. As such(prenominal), Mr.Khandekar and the lean team realized that they need to restructure both the layout and the process itself to eliminate non-value added works. Rather than blindly doing the implementation process, the team first did process mapping for the existing process to understand how it works. In t he process mapping stage, the lean team held discussion with the entire department in the value chain regarding their process flow. The outcome of this activity was process flow chart. Next, the lean team analyzed the process flow chart to identify all non-value added in the flow. A brainstorming session was make with all the related personal to decide the changes that need to be made to make the process more efficient. At this stage the lean team also held meetings withall the employees to explain what lean manufacturing is all about and why it is important for them to adopt lean in their workplace. This was an important action by the lean team as there were signs of resentment and scepticism among the employees. From the first two stages of the implementation process, changes that are required to eliminate waste were identified. The changes are as below-Layout ChangesThe lean team realized that physical structure of the layout needed to be changed, as there were wastage in terms of workers movement and the flow of the product or material. For the layout changes, the assembly line concept was adopted. Assembly lines with workstations were formed. The time per workstation was fixed and their work content was adjusted. An efficient flow of the products and worker movement were also considered in the new layout. isolated from that a communication system between worker level and the executive level was also created to improve response time. Changes in support systemApart from layout changes, lean team also made changes in support system for the production line. The main idea here is to introduce ownership concept to the production line whereby the owner has to be answerable to all problem that arise under his ownership. Dashboards were introduced at the beginning of each assembly line. Any issues in the production line will be highlight in the board with name of the related personal. Meetings will be held on daily bases to oversee all the issues. The dashboard also will display daily out of each assembly line to show progress in each line. Apart from that skill assessment of the employees and top management were also do continuously to identify skill gaps and appropriate training are arranged. Change in Vendor Management.Implementing lean manufacturing in the Kalwa factory alone would not be sufficient to eliminate waste. With vendors continuously supplying material or part in bulk orders, wastage of storage or inventory space occurs in the factory. With the availability of extra material or parts, manufacturing mistake will go unnoticed. As such, vendor management was also needed to bechanged. The main idea here is to have the right quantity of parts available at the right time with the right quality. Vendor will have to supply each order quantity accordingly rather that supplying in batch. Because of some difficult faced with the vendors, short term and long term plans were made. Long term plans are to implement lean principle at the v endors end. As for short term plans are the implementation of pull philosophy of the lean system whereby vendors will manufacture material in bulk but deliver it to factory as needed by the line. This is to reduce storage and inventory space in the factory. Occurs of manufacturing mistake or defects will come to the knowledge of the line managers or supervisors.Cultural ChangesActivities such as joint prayers and exercise session were introduced to instil a sense of team belongingness among employees. Apart for that uniform dress code are also introduced for the lean implementation member to send the message of team effort to all workers and management staff.Once all the changes have been implemented according to the plan, the next important step that was taken is to monitor the effectiveness of the changes. With the help of Mr.Gewald, the monitoring KPIs were defined to analyze the effectiveness of lean system on the overall performance of the factory. A monitoring team was formed to continuously document, analyze and report on these KPIs to the Siemens AG (headquarters) on monthly bases. To summary, we can say several key actions have been taken to institutionalize the lean implementation in the new set-up of the Kalwa Factory. i) Before implementation process was started, a proper foundation was built in the company by educating the top management on the lean principles. ii) A sound implementation plan was made by the lean team by first, analyzing the existing process to identify inefficiencies. Then determine ways and means to improve them. iii) The lean team continued to educate all employees from staff level to worker level to ensure all of them understood the lean principles. iv) Proper monitoring was done to know the effectiveness of all the changes made. v) Mr.Khandekar and his team also continuously come up with creative solutions for problem such as resentment and worker issues.What more does Khandekar need to do so that the changes are not reversed ? There are several actions that Mr.Khandekar can take to make sure that the changes are not reversed.i) Continuous training on lean principles.People tend to tutelage things they dont understand and in the case of Kalwa plant, it is proven to be true. When lean implementation was first announced to all Kalwas employees, there were signs of resentment and scepticism among the employees. This happened because employees didnt understand what is lean, why the management wanted to implemented it and what benefit do they and the company get. Proper training must be provided to all the employees to ensure their understanding of lean principles. The implemented changes can only last if the employees willing to work according to the changes and this can only be achieved through understanding. The lean principles must also be integrated in to the companys training programs for new employees. Continuous assessment must also be done to measure the level of understanding of the employees espec ially workers as it is always difficult to reach them because of their education background. An establishment of lean culture among all the employees in the company is important to ensure the sustainability of all the implemented changes.ii) Proper documentation.Proper documentation must be made regarding all the implemented changes. This is important because there is a possibility that a future improvement can unintentionally reverse the change made now. Believe me this tends to happen more often than not in the manufacturing line. As such proper documentation can function as reference to future employees especially engineers when they are making some improvement. Changes made in the method of working must also be documented as work standard as it can function as training nib for workers.iii) Regular Auditing.Regular auditing is important to ensure that all the changes in terms of process flow and work standard are followed accordingly. Regular audit must also be done to all relat ed supplier and vendors to ensure their compliancewith the lean principles.iv) Continuous Monitoring & Improvement.Lean manufacturing is designed in such a way that it will not leave any room for problems and mistakes to hide if it is implemented correctly. As such implementation of lean manufacturing will posture all wastage, problem and mistakes to surface. The monitoring team must be assign to continuously monitor for such case and appropriate action must be taken to solve or improve. Continuous sustainability can only be achieved if improvements are carried out continuously by capable people truly understand the way of lean.

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Financial Schemes Essay

When the question of developing a raw(a) project at Puerto Penasco, Mexico has arrived, we would suggest that rather than going for traditional date share or new mixed white plague hotels, we should generate the energies towards developing a condo. The most important fact for advocating a condominium is because this concept is already very popular in beach areas of Mexico. Tourists from across the world come here to take the experience of beach village which is rather not possible in mixed use hotels.Financial Advantages of a Condominium over other forms Limited capital investment initially First of all, the amount of capital invested in a Condominium is lesser than that of other traditional hotel forms. Hotels usually are occupied by the tourists at peak months only. Apart from that time, they always face lack of tourists which ultimately dissolvent in loss of revenue.Renting the property at non peak months The Condominium could be rented to students and other people apart from the tourists during the non peak months and hence it in a sense gives guarantee to the owners for a uniform cash flow across the year. Disadvantages to the other schemes It could be very well noted here that at clock Condominium could lose the advantages to classic hotels in terms of hospitality and luxury. The tourists often feel that the Condominium could not provide the room service and the luxury that the time share hotels could provide.This is true to an extent that the Condominium does not beat the traditional hotels in terms of luxury. The reason why we have chosen a Condominium over other forms of hotels is because least risk involved in this project. As the amount of capital invested is least, the chances of losing money are less. Apart from that, we are also ensuring restrained and uniform revenues across the year. References Puerto Penasco Retrieved on 4th August, 2010 from website http//www. puerto-penasco. com/

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Respect In The Army

A Noncommissioned Officers duties be numerous and must be taken seriously. An NCOs duty includes taking cargon of soldiers, which is your priority. leading must know and understand their soldiers well up enough to train them as individuals and teams to operate proficiently. This will give them confidence in their ability to perform well under the difficult and demanding conditions of battle. singular training is the principle duty and responsibility of NCOs. NCOs are prudent to fulfill not only their individual duties, but besides to ensure their teams and units are successful.NCOs are accountable for your personal conduct and that of your soldiers. Noncommissioned officers have three types of duties specified duties, directed duties and implied duties specified duties, direct duties and implied duties. Specified duties are related to lines and positions. such as Army regulations, Department of the Army general orders, the Uniform Code of Military Justice, soldiers manuals, Ar my Training and Evaluation Program Publications and MOS job descriptions specify the duties. Direct duties are not specified as part of a job position or MOS or other directive. A spiffing gives them orally or in writing.Directed duties include being in safekeeping of quarters or serving as serjeant of the guard, staff duty officer, familiarity training NCO and NBC NCO. Implied duties often support specified duties, but in some cases they may not be related to the MOS job position. These duties may not be written but implied in the instructions. Theyre duties that improve the quality of the job and help keep the unit functioning at an optimum level. In most cases, these duties play on individual initiative. They improve the work environment and motivate soldiers to perform because they want to, not because they have to.For example, while not specifically directed to do so, you hold in-ranks inspections daily to ensure your soldiers appearance and equipment are up to standards. As a Noncommissioned Officer and a leader you must ensure that your soldiers clearly understand their responsibilities as members of the team and as representative of the Army. Commanders set overall policies and standards, but all leaders must provide the guidance, resources, assistance and supervision necessity for soldiers to perform their duties. Mission accomplishment demands that officers and NCOs work together to advise, assist and learn from each other.There are two categories a Noncommissioned Officers responsibilities evenfall under command and individual responsibilities. Command responsibility refers to collective or organizational accountability and includes how well the unit performs their missions. For example, a company commander is responsible for all the tasks and missions assigned to the company his superiors hold him accountable for completing them. Commanders give military leaders the responsibility for what their sections, units, or organizations do or fail to do.NCOs are therefore responsible to fulfill not only their individual duties, but also to ensure that their team and unit are successful. The amount of responsibility delegated to you depends on your mission, the position you hold and your own willingness to accept responsibility. Individual responsibility means you are accountable for your personal conduct. Soldiers in the Army have their own responsibilities. Individual responsibility cannot be delegated it belongs to the soldier that wrote the check. Soldiers are accountable for their actions, to their fellow soldiers, to their leaders, to their unit and to the United States Army.As a leader you must ensure that your soldiers understand clearly their responsibilities as members of the team and as representatives of the Army. Historically, officers were prominent aristocrats or landowners who received a commission from the countrys ruler, giving them permission to raise and train military units. By contrast, the enlisted were the common folk the officers led into battle. This was once true even in the United States Military units were raised for the Civil Was by wealthy and prominent confederacy members, who would obtain a commission to recruit and train the people in their hometown.Today, commissioned officers in the United States Military are no longer aristocracy, and the enlisted utmost from being peasants. However, officers are still the primary source of authority in any military unit, and the position maintains some of its aristocratic pedigree, as embodied in the age-old phrase, officer and a gentleman. A commissioned officers duty is to lead. If the civilian equivalent of a private is an low level blue collar worker, and the sergeant that of middle manager, then commissioned officers are the upper management and executives.Officers are expected to come out of training able to immediately take charge of about forty enlisted troops a platoon. An officers career progresses by assuming larger co mmands and greater levels of responsibility from a platoon to a company, a company to a battalion, and so on. Commissioned officers are expected to have a sharp mind and a well-rounded education, so with very a few(prenominal) exceptions they must possess at least a bachelors degree to receive a commission.

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Authorship of the book of Ruth Essay

The intelligence of pathos has been historic all(prenominal)y claimed to be written by the prophet Samuel. It dates back to the 1011 and 931 B. C. It was a message of the love of God directly to the Israelites. With the main(prenominal) theme of sacrifice, it was essential for them at that time to hear such words of love. In the heathen land of Moab, located North of the Dead Sea, Ruth is resides for a period of time and them moves hike up into the town of Bethlehem, during the era of the judges which occurred directly after the Pentateuch books which are the first five biblical books.Ruth was the daughter-in-law of Naomi and Elimelech, who were an Israelite couple with devil sons. Mahlon and Chilion were their names and both married Ruth and Orpah. Sadly, all tierce men in the family died, firstly Elimelech and then later on his two sons, leaving three leave behinded women. The actual period is not actually stated. However, most scholars suck up attributed its originatorshi p to the pre-exilic era the period after the enslaved Israelites were freed and permitted to return back to their homeland of Israel.As a historical book of the al-Quran and an excellent piece of literature, it has challenged the conception of the era and the norms of the periods as recording the attitudes and conducts between people. It demonstrated tremendous practicality and dealt with serious relative issues and we can learn a lot from it today. Its authorship is unknown. It clearly begins by alluding to the period of the judges and it is perceived by some to have been written about that time. The prophet Samuel has been given the credit for its authorship by many scholars.In recent times however, there have been speculations as to the real author of this book. It has been accepted as having been written by a fe antheral author. According to an ancient Beraithato the Talmudic treatise it stated that the prophet Samuel did write the book of Ruth. As it is does not provide we ll-set evidence concerning the authorship, several authors in recent times have refuted the prophet Samuel as the actual author of this phenomenal book. Does it really matter whether it was written by a male or female author?This has been a question in the minds of many because in its entirety, the content of the book is very(prenominal) positive and has a lot of moral, social and legal coverage, which has provided a lot of insight into the way the Israelites interacted amongst themselves as well as among foreign nations, like the Moabites. In this essay, versatile perspectives of scholars forget be addressed and hitences to the actual text will also be make to support and refute arguments which have been put forth by various intellectual minds. In a recent book entitled the Widows plea, a group of authors cited a number of key points about the book of Ruth.Central to their arguments were factors that provided an insight to the gender identity of the author. Firstly, they referr ed to a deliberate attempt by the author to strengthen the plight of widowed women in this book, by the scheme of dealing with the Leveriate marriage, a popular custom that existed during that period. Lawson Younger in make inference to this point by referring to the book Three Shekels by H Shanks The inscription is puzzling. According to the law of levirate marriage, a man must marry his brothers widow if his brother died childless (see Deuteronomy 2556).why wasnt the husbands brother, who had already received the wheat ? eld in Nacamah, postulate to do his duty by marrying his brothers widow? Alas, the ostracon does not tell us(p 32) The laws relating to marriage and redemption were strongly intertwined and since it was not completely applicable in this case because Ruth did not marry her direct nigh of kin, these scholars have speculated that it might have been authored by a female. Furthermore, H Avolos backed this argument by purporting the deliberate exclusion in this case. (Avolos 616) In an attempt to further prove this point Young referred to various Hebrew texts and phrases used to give a better view point. For instance, the use of the words Amah and siphah were used at different times, suggestive of various points regarding the nocturnal influence of Ruth in Chapter 39. This is what he noted Amah seems to be used to emphasize a slaves feminine qualities ( deal for protect weakness, sexual attractiveness, etc. ), while siphah seems to be used when the female is viewed as a possession and a laborer.41 Both marchess can be used as self-designations. When it is used this way, amah appears to suggest a female petitioners weakness and need for help or protection when presenting a request before a more powerful male, never before another female. When siphah is used as a self-designation of obeisance, it seems to signify the womans subservience and readiness to serve or obey instructions. (p127) With the usage of the term amah, despite the fact that she was a labourer or indirectly in servitude, she was until now able to realize her feminity even in hardship.It was suggestive of her need for protection and dependency on the one who is stronger than herself, especially when requesting a favour from an influential male figure. This point alludes to the kind of writing by a male author, realizing the need of the woman for protection and a bulwark. The usage of the term siphah suggested the readiness of the woman to adhere to instructions from the male and obey and to do is bidding. In both cases, there is a strong suggestion of a male authorship based on this viewpoint. Further Hebrew terms used indicate more usage of feminine forms of verbs.For instance, the word hyrja, meaning them was used to refer to bodies of individuals. Its frequent usage indicated that the author made reference to a wide range of people who were female. Perhaps this could have been suggestive of a male author appreciating the mapping of the women or in actua l fact, a woman who sought to enhance the role of the female in that era? The Feminist Companion of the Bible addressed several points that alluded to an obvious female authorship. (pg 34) It was argued that this book presented various points which gave credence to the importance of women in the Holy Bible.For instance, several women were identified who played excellent roles in biblical event, including Deborah, Dorcas, Esther and Miriam scarcely to mention a few. It was also admitted that there were also major indications to the book of Ruth being authored by a male because of its superscription, just as the case was in other books like the book of Ecclesiastes. An interesting point to note was that there was a chance that although it may not have been written by a woman, the male author certainly had a profound respect for women and valued their contribution to the society.Interestingly, this book under the Unconventional life Partnership, Women Do Go Unconventional Ways headin g also referred to the instruction by Naomi to Ruth, to use her natural female charm to win the heart of Boaz. (Athalya 29). This could very well have been a masculine viewpoint, in the sense that Naomi did recognize that Ruth needed a man in her life and hence was great(p) her advise on how to make Boaz notice her. During that period, it was generally expected that the women realized that they were being prepared for marriage at some stage and it would have been the role of an experienced woman like Naomi to share this with Ruth.This is a very feminine disposition which could have been expressed by the author. In the second chapter of the book of Ruth, she was visualized as a hardworking lady who went to glean with the reapers. In Hebrew, the word reapers refers to masculinity. Hence, irrespective of this fact, she was able to go and work with the men, gathering enough food sum up for herself and for Naomi. As a matter of fact, it was emphasized that she worked through to the pe riod of harvest. By so doing, she was able to gather more than sufficient rations to tend to the needs of a whole family.This was a progressive woman who knew that it was essential that she managed the home front successfully. In other words, she was a traditional homemaker the major role of the woman. A female author would not have put this point any better. In his comparative study of the book of Ruth, Younger suggested that to a large extent, it seemed that a womans economic well-being was directly related to her link with some male. (p 129) From a feminine perspective it could be argued that this exhibited self-reliance and independence of the woman. On the contrary, there is also the aspect of the masculinity portrayed.The head of the reaper, when approached by Boaz who had not yet met Ruth at the time to ask about who she was, the reaper made excuses on her behalf, as she was a foreigner ( a Moabite girl) who did not the customs and modest requirements of the women of Israel. This impled that she was gleaning with the wrong set of people, in other words, the men. Hence, when Boaz eventually spoke to her, he advised her to glean with the girls or young ladies (Chapter 28). This was indicative of the male dominance and belief in the distinct and separate roles of the woman and the man.The geneological account in Chapter Four included women in it and this has made people suggest its female authorship. It was uncommon to have women included in the genelogical chronology. Especially in this instant, this geneology led all the way down to David, from whom the expected lineage of the Messiah was from. The character of Boaz was one of a generous and extremely loving individual. He saw the needs of Ruth and Naomi and took the necessary steps to ensure their happiness. By so doing, he tremendously brought a lot of benefits to himself.Eventually, he got married to Ruth. His numerous character traits are congruous of further study. Ruth was described as a virtuous woman. From the beginning of the book, she displayed loyalty and love, even to its end. When Naomi was bereaved of three members of her family including her husband and sons, Ruth did not examine out her own gain but decided to remain with Naomi, always. It took superhuman power to make such a profound statement in Chapter 116, entreating Naomi to let her (Ruth) remain with her. There was nothing that Naomi had to offer her.Both her sons were now dead, including the husband of Ruth. As was pointed out by Naomi, she had nothing to offer Ruth. Notwithstanding, Ruth made a selfless commitment to stand by Ruth, through times of sorrow and happiness. Naomi was a wise lady whose experience was of great benefit to Boaz and Ruth. In essence, she took the practical steps to facilitate their union. In all three characters, excellent themes of relational interactions have been displayed. Humility, sacrificial love, generousity and empathy just to mention a few, are required in everyday deali ngs with people.Regardless of the authorship, these character traits spread across boundaries and are pertinent in dealing with practical real-life matters. Especially today, these attitudes are still required and go along way in boosting human interactions.Works Cited Brenner, A. The feminist companion to the Bible (Second Series) Sheffield Academic Press Avalos, H. Legal and Social Institutions, 616 Malick, D. An program line of the Book of Ruth from http//www. bible. org/page. php? page_id=952 Shanks, H. (1997). Three Shekels pg 32. Younger, K. L. (1998). Two Comparative Notes on the Book of Ruth. Trinity International University

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1492: Conquest of Paradise and Indians Essay

1492 Conquest of Paradise is a plastic film directed by Ridley Scott and it was released in 1992. The main character Christopher capital of Ohio was played by Gerard Depardieu and the movie was about his attempt to maintain a way to go to India by sailing west. The movie begins with capital of Ohio teaching his son how the earth is round. Then Columbus thinks about the ways to get to India and that the best way was to go west. The people in Salamanca agreed to seeing his proposal all they do is laugh at it and challenge his idea. Even though the council rejected the idea he goes to Queen Elizabeth I which is played by Sigourney Weaver, and she gave him a chance. This other man wanted to avail him but wanted m whizzy in return but Columbus did not accept and was to become a monk but the queen did not allow it and the queen supported the trip. They use this pendulum this to serve up them navigate and to find what degree latitude or longitude they are at.See moreUnemploy manpowert problems and solutions essayIt has been weeks and the men think that they have gone off track and they do not trust in Columbus. They finally reach land and they go and explore until they find the indians. At first the indians are scary and Columbuss plan does not involve force. They did not really find any gold moreover the artifacts the Indian gave them. The spanish were treated as gods. About 39 men stayed behind to build a fort while they go back to Spain run the captain called Mendez played by Kevin Dunn, had a fever that would not go away. When they get to Spain they get applauded and and now he wants to go back with 7 ships and 1500 men. So he goes back to the West Indies and all his men are dead and the village they were at was burned down to the core.He wants peace with the Indians and so the Indians help bring in this bell and they help construct this fort and village. Then the Indians were put to find gold and they had to go turn it in everyday and one did not find anyt hing and this man comes and chops his hand off and that starts a war with the natives. So the natives attach and burn down what they built but in universe an actual spaniard burnt it down. Two spaniards make allies with the Indian, one commits suicide then they start cooperating and this storm comes and everything is destroyed. Then at the end his son Fernando writes of his dadas voyage.The movie is in the main characters perspective which is Christopher Columbus. The message of the story is that if there is a will there is a way. Columbus did not give up even though the university did not supporthim. The movie relates really well to the themes of politics, social, economical, and cultural. Social is about two types of people interacting, in this case the Indians and Spaniards. You see the culture of the Indians. From what i know about Christopher Columbuss story I did not find any historical inaccuracies, however how he did 4 trips and they only show him doing 2 trips.This movie has a great value in advancing my knowledge of history. There are except any historical inaccuracies (I believe), it stuck to the real history. I do not believe that there are not any drawbacks, this movie is very accurate and it is a valuable source.

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American History before the Revolution

The disc overy of the Americas by Christopher Columbus in 1492 led to the colonial expansion of the nations of Western Europe. These colonies were created to push trade for struggleds in the form of new imports, primarily raw materials as a base for trade and creations of new products. This progeny will focus on the history of northeasterly America before the American Revolution in 1776. The first successful English liquidation was established by the London Virginia Company in 1607 and was cognize as Jamestown. It was primarily created for the purpose of looking for gold.It was not successful in its venture but in the end found money in growing tobacco which last bloomed into plantations with settlers coming in with servants and slaves to create their own. The village depended on the trade of these crops and most of them were shipped straight back to Britain. The formation of this dependency was followed by the settlement of the Pilgrims, a protestant sect based in Eng bolt d own and the Netherlands in Massachusetts. They were escaping religious persecution aboard the mayflower and they drew themselves the Mayflower compact after landing which gave them strength of self governance.This was followed by the establishment of the Massachusetts Bay colony in 1629 by the Puritans. They wished to create a religious nation that would serve the true religion. The banishment of Roger Williams from the colony for preaching the separation of church and state led the creation of Rhode Island Colony. From an economic standpoint they were also self-sustaining. Their scrimping worked on every farmer sustaining himself and having to trade for any goods they could not provide for themselves. The three of these colonies organise the Cheapsake call for area.The middle colonies consisted of what are presently new-fashioned York, New Jersey, Pennsylvania and Delaware. These colonies were characterized by much diversity in their religious, economic, political and ethnic practices. Connecticut was also formed. The colonization of the lower south started in Carolina in 1670 by the English Lords Proprietors. It was mainly set up as a merchandise colony especially in South Carolina. They eventually cultivated rice in 1690 by dint of the aid of the African slaves they brought with them.The political differences in the midst of the settlers in this colony created much conflict and eventually war which lead to the Proprietors selling it back to the British Crown. A member of parliament known as James Oglethorpe established Georgia Colony in 1733 as a way to form a base against Florida which was occupied by Spain at the time. It was established with strict moral laws which forbade slavery and alcohol along with new(prenominal) forms of immortal acts. Once these laws were rescinded the country went from pauperization to prosperity. It consisted of people from varied religious backgrounds.Great Britain eventually won East and West Florida from the Spani ards in 1763 and returned it in 1783 when they left. By 1700 most of the regions were divided in two halves. Their origins brought about the creation of two very different societies. The colonies of New England were much more individualistic as compared to the Southern colonies. The northern colonies touted freedom of religion and of the political process. They formed their society around an orthodox method in order to set an example for all other societies. In contrast the southerners were developed around the bases of economics.Their society was more geared towards mercantilism. The vast quantities of cheap land available to them allowed them to pursue this interest. In order to facilitate their economy they also formed a politics which was based according to the Virginia Charter. The increasing demand for English goods grew rapidly in the 1700s and with the possession of the cotton perseverance in the south the colonies soon outpace England in terms of exports. This was mainly due to the fact that the colonies do use of slaves for labor purposes which brought them great prosperity.In the 1600 the English passed a series of laws known as the Navigation Acts which confine the use of foreign shipping to trade between England and its colonies. This was mainly done to limit Dutch merchants from trading with its colonies and allowed England to be the main hub for all colonial products. These acts though bringing Britain great wealth caused great crust in the colonies. This was so because the laws restricted the ability of the colonies to trade with anyone but the English, with these in effect it decreased their power to be independent of the Royal Court.Thus these Mercantilist policies were refused by the colonies as they saw it as a control over their economies and their government. In order to avoid heavy valuatees and regulations the colonies resorted to smuggling their goods. The loss of much wealth led the British to enact the writ of assistance which enabled officers to freely search citizens and homes which were suspected of smuggling. The colonists found this to be a entrancement of their civil rights as citizens of the crown. One of the main ways that smugglers from the colonies operated was the selling tea to the American colonies.Originally the tea came from England through the East India Company, however when Benjamin Franklin suggested that the company bypass England and deal with the colonists directly, the smugglers lost their source of income. In rebellion they tossed 342 crates of tea into the capital of Massachusetts Harbor. This led to the Boston Port Act through which Britain closed down Boston harbor until the tea was paid for. The mercantilism system had a draconian effect on the colonies. interest the Seven years war in 1765 the British Parliament imposed a stamp tax on the American colonies requiring by law that all printed materials carry it.This was to pay for the military funds from the war of which the c olonists were considered benefactors. This was also considered violations of their rights as colonial citizens to decide their own tax laws and led to many protests from New England to Georgia. former(a) British colonies also rebelled against the tax as they saw it as a threat to their economy and it was eventually repealed in 1766. This added further fuel to the colonist resentment and concerns of the British parliament. The last straw was that of the Boston drubbing where the deaths of five civilians in 1770 and sparked the fire which led to the American Revolution.In the end it was all of the reasons above along with the contract of the colonies to establish their own government free from the religious, economic and governmental persecution of the English that led to the creation and later on fight for the freedom of the colonies and as we know in the end they succeeded. References Internet History Sourcebooks Project. (2007, June 4). Colonial North America. Retrieved May 24, 2009, from Internet Modern History Sourcebook http//www. fordham. edu/halsall/mod/modsbook07. html

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Kwality Walls vs Dinshaw

MANAGEMENT THESIS ON FACTORS INFLUENCING TO PURCHASE KWALITY WALLS ICE lick OVER DINSHAWS IRRESPECTIVE OF DEMOGRAPHIC PROFILE IN THE ROURKELA By (PRANAB MISHRA) E-No. 0801215708 (INC Rourkela) T ABLE OF contents 1. Acknowledgements. 2. Introduction a. Objectives. b. Limitations. 3. Research method actingology. 4. Findings. 5. Conclusions. 6. Append nuts. 7. References. ACKNOWLEDGEMENTS Any accomplishment requires the effort of many people and this work is not different. I am thankful to my faculty Supervisor Mr. C. P. Giri for supporting me and guiding me through erupt the project. This traverse would not prevail been possible without her help.I am equ aloney thankful to the Principal, INC Rourkela, Mr. D. P. Das for encouraging me and inspiring me to do my project with affluent dedication. PRANAB MISHRA INTRODUCTION HISTORY OF ICE CREAM methamphetamine plectrum is the most famous delicacy all over the world. People of all ages love icing the puck slash and frequently enjoy it. Here atomic number 18 some amazing facts astir(predicate) sorbet baste Nero (37-68 A. D. ), The Roman Emperor, is said to have eaten a sort out of water- grouch. The Chinese claim that they have been making and consuming Ice Cream since ages. Supposedly, Marco Polo (1254 1324) carried the Chinese Ice Cream conventions back with him to Ven starter.These were then introduced to the French by Italian chefs retinue of Catherine de? Medici when she married Henri II of France. Royal Ice Cellars were built in Mesopotamia in some 2000 B. C. These were used to cool wines and foods During the late 1600s, The French King Louis fourteen was kn ingest to have feasts with colored water- fruitcake and liqueurs. Nicholas Lemerys Recueil de curiositez r bes et nouvelles de plus admirables effets de la nature, published in 1674, contained the first recipe for flavored glasss. The Quaker colonists who brought their ice slash recipes with them introduced ice cream to the Un ited States.It is said that Ice Cream was on a regular basis consumed by Ben Franklin, George Washington, and Thomas Jefferson. During the eighteenth ampere-second, the spread of ice pails and cookery books with ice recipes, almost e very(prenominal)where around the globe, replyed in the delicacy becoming to a greater extent than common. Robert Green, in 1874, is supposed to have invented the Ice Cream Soda, which took ice cream using up in America and otherwise parts of the world to great heights. The twentieth century saw an explosion of sorts in the popularity of ice cream owing to availability of tuppeny refrigeration.Italian confectioners do Gelato, their own form of Ice Cream, which became immensely famous due its texture and lightness. During the St. Louis Worlds Fair in 1904, cones were used for the first time to serve Ice Cream. A chemical research team in Britain came up with the soft ice cream, which had more air in it. It became immensely popular because of its cr eamy moreover light texture. Today, it is popularly known as the Softy ice cream. In the 1980s, the older, thicker ice creams made a comeback and were referred to as Premium Ice Creams. Basically the ice-cream occupation comes under FMCG domain.In India, the condition of FMCG sector is very well and challenging. India is an weighty market for FMCG players. The Indian FMCG sector is the fourth largest sector in the economy with a total market size of around US$ 18. 1 bn. Ice-Cream segment of FMCGIce-cream is one of the most important part of FMCG sector. It comes under Food and Beverage segment. The total market value of Ice-cream trade in India is more than Rs. 20000 crore. It is increase day per day. During the class of 2002-02, there was very little drive of Ice-cream in India but as the time passed away, the strike of Ice-cream is also increasing in India.Now a day, there atomic number 18 six depicted object level companies engaged in dealing with Ice-cream including cardinal MNCs. The demand of Ice-cream is also increases in India. As the demand of Ice-cream is increasing in India but the market of Ice-cream is not as much as its bundle in US and some other foreign countries. concord to the survey of Motilal Oshwal, in the present time, the per capita consumption of Ice-cream in India is US $0. 2 which is US $49 in USA and US $33 in Germany. We can see it in the fol depressive disordering tableTABLE 1- PER CAPITA ingestion OF ICE-CREAM (IN US $)-As inclined in the above table, the per capita consumption of Ice-cream in India is altogether US $0. 2 which is much smaller than the a uniform in USA, but the main thing is the increasing opportunities for Ice-cream trade. MAJOR FACTORS1. The broad market of semi urban market. 2. Least no. of competition. 3. Increase in consumption level of people. 4. Favorable climate for ice-cream in India. 5. gross domestic product growth and growth in per capita income. We can get all the datas regarding the per capita incoma of India from the following tableTABLE 2- PER CAPITA INCOME OF INDIA SINCE 2000 As given in the table, the GDP of India is increasing in the last 5 years.It has brought a precious change in the sinking habits of consumers it has moved the consumers preferences from economic to premium products. In those days, people unhasitantly wants to spend money on healthy and role products. It has been a gain for food and beverage pains. As the result the ice cream effort is also improving and it develops at an increasing rate. THE THREE STAGES IN CONSUMPTION PROCESS OF ICECREAM Pre- procure- Brand send off, Health issues, suitability Brand image of the ice cream The consumer considers the kind of image the imperfection that he is going to purchase depicts.It has to suit certain status symbol, quality and any other personal leaf blade requirements that the consumer may have. It is important that the brand maintains good will, satisfactory to the consumer Health Issu e to ice creams relating-The modern consumer is full(prenominal)ly health conscious and is becoming aware of the rising health issues and its impacts. It is important that the brand satisfies this need of the consumers and ensures health related gains rather than loss. About which we will be discussing further in this report. suitableness The product should suit the taste, flavor and ingredients that is in line with the consumer needs and wants.Purchase-Price, Environment, Service Price of ice cream -Price should be affordable and the product should provide moneys worth in terms of quality, meter and consumer satisfaction. as kids also form a main segment of our section a proper charge should be given as far as pricing is concerned. Environment-The environment should be such that the consumer wants to preventative there and spent some quality and quantity time. Service- The service should be fast so that the customer waiting time should be less(prenominal) and leads to their satisfaction and results in formation of good brand image. Post-purchase- Quality, Satisfaction, stack away bugger offQuality of ice cream the quality of the ice cream delivered certainly plays a vital role in ascertain whether the customer will re purchase the brand or not. The quality and taste of ice cream determines the satisfaction level of the customer and hence plays a vital role in determining his approach towards the product. Satisfaction from ice cream- well satisfaction is a holistic picture the total experience of the customer with the brand considering various factors as mentioned above and then finally arriving at a shoemakers last saying whether he is satisfied or not from the product.OBJECTIVES Explore the mindset of the consumer towards ice-cream. Understanding the buying doings and thinking about Kwality Walls and Dinshaws ice cream. Find out the preference of the consumer regarding the two brands. Investigate the purchase of Kwality Walls over Dinshaws i ce cream irrespective of demographic structure in Rourkela city. Have proportional study of value of products of both the brands. Determine the customer awareness regarding both the brands. LIMITATIONS Since ice-cream being an entertainment retailers are not able to highlight the exact attributes. Convenience sampling used here has its own limitations. thither have been some inaccuracies due to non cooperative and rude behavior of the respondents. Due to unavailability of accurate utility(prenominal) data, my reliance was made on the primary data. When I interviewed children and teenagers, sometimes they use to give answers under the form of their parents or elders. Dinshaws ice cream has no homepage. Few outlets for Kwality Walls ice cream. search METHOD SAMPLING METHOD Convenience sampling was used by the researcher because it is easy and cheap to collect data.Moreover the population size was very large to cover so it was best to use thingumajig sampling. DATA COLLEC TION Both Primary as well as Secondary Research Method has been included for preparing this final report. PRIMARY SOURCE Observation Personal Interviews OBSERVATIONS It is the methods of nothing and recording tuition without postulation specific question from the respondents. The advantage of this method is that it is highly effective to provide information asked for. PERSONAL INTERVIEWS In this method I asks the question from the performa in the order questions are listed and record the replies.SECONDARY SOURCE Google search engine. another(prenominal) web links. COMPANY PROFILE KWALITY ICE CREAM Kwality Ice Cream is the pioneer in the Indian ice-cream manufacturing industry and in 1956 became the first company in the country to use imported technology for manufacturing ice-cream on a commercial scale. As the ice-cream industry exploded in India, in 1995 Kwality Group joined pass with Hindustan Lever Limited and then there was no looking back. The Indian consumer market w as introduced to KWALITY WALLS the result of a collaboration between global brand Walls and the leading Indian ice-cream brand Kwality.Though the two giants eventually part ways, the collaboration made Kwality a household name and created deep in roads for the brand in the consumer market. Today, Kwality is not just a brand it is the ice-cream associated with the Indian summer its the first choice in ice-cream for any child or adult during the scorching Indian summers. Kwality ice-creams are trusted not precisely for their rich, creamy flavours, but also for their trusted quality and nutritious food value. PRODUCT PROFILE theatrical role Selection Tiramisu Nochiola Caramel Crunch Cookies n Cream Fruit n Nut Mocha rapscallion Fudge Paddle Pop Black Grape Jelly Candy Cake XplosionChoco Berry Nova Choco vanilla Feast Choco quantity, Chocolate, Almond Fudge, Fruit n Nut, Moo Stick Sandwich Multi Cor crystalizeto Snackers Filrty strawberry mark Choco Fudge cover deflower Italian Gelato DINSHAWS ICE CREAM INCEPTION Early 1930s Two industrious brothers, DINSHAW and ERUCH RANA, started a small dairy business in Gittikhadan, on the outskirts of Nagpur. Their obsession with quality and transparent business practices, brought prosperity and confidence to the young businessmen. When opportunity knocked in the form of an Englishman who suggested that they try manufacturing ice cream, the idea was quick translated into reality. DINSHAWS ICE CREAM was born in 1933 when Nagpurians came to know the creamy, hand churned delicacy. INTIAL GROWTH An alien concept, ice cream eating was considered a luxury, which could only be indulged in, on very special days during the sweltry heat of Nagpurs grueling summer. The conviction of their ultimate success, and the vision of these young entrepreneurs, far outweighed the difficulties of running a purely seasonal business with its vagaries of demand . By mid forties, Nagpurs gentry had extended ice cream eating into the winter and the name DINSHAWS had become synonymous with the ice cream in Nagpur.THE SECOND GENERATION GROWTH SAM DINSHAW RANA and JIMMY ERUCH RANA put on the mantles of their alarming fathers. Burning with the same zeal to succeed, the same uncompromising attitude towards quality and service, the Rana cousins struck out for wider horizons in 1981. With an investment of just Rs. 5 Lakhs, a small factory came up to replace the oxen pounds. The dairy business gracefully gave way to its prospering offspring, the ice-cream business. The magic of DINSHAWS goodwill spawned a net work of enthusiastic dealer-franchises all over central India, where DINSHAWS enjoy near monopoly even at once.Success breeds Success. The salutary business principles of the founders, which gave them their initial success, became the foundation of DINSHAWS business edifice. Quality consciousness went beyond the quality of traffic with employees, business associates and its ultimate consumer. By 1987 DINSHAWS was known in central India as not only the company, which made the best ice creams, but also the company that built best relations. Persistent efforts from potential distributors and dealers of other areas and greater demand for varieties from existing areas forced DINSHAWS to expand its manufacturing capacities.Imported continuous freezers expand plants and retentivity facilities wide with market demand. By 1989 cold storage depots had sprung up in Raipur, Jabalpur, Indore, Akola, Aurangabad, Pune, Hyderabad, Guntur and Vishakhapatnam more by pressures of demand than by design. Consumer appreciation for its products and for its credo of VALUE FOR MONEY forced continuous expansion and modernization of manufacturing capacities which today are to the tune of 35000 Liters of ice-cream per day. By 1990 the business was experiencing difficulty in getting regular supplies of good quality to need its ever-increasing needs.The obstacles were turned into an opportunity to diversify into Diary busin ess. The firm had turned full circle by coming back to its parent business of Diary which today has a capacity to process and chemise 1lac liters of Milk per day. The citizens of Nagpur who were dependent only on milk supplied by Government Milk Scheme and local anaesthetic vendors welcomed the supply of standardized quality milk and DINSHAWS became the first branded milk to be interchange in Nagpur. Being a responsible corporate citizen and being aware of the needs of protecting its environment, DINSHAWS have invested more than Rs. 0 lakhs in an Effluent Treatment Plant, which is a model for any industry of its size. As in all other areas, Dinshaws foray in Bombay has been on a low key. DINSHAWS have been able to grow in the face of competition from national and multinational giants of the industry because of the inherent strength of its products, policies and people. PRODUCT PROFILE Type Cups Fundae Strawberry vanilla extract Big Cups Kesar pista Choco chips Kaju Kismis Butter Scotch Mango Pista Strawberry Vanilla Bars Ice Lolies Heart Beat Tripple Treat Champ Choco bar Choco bar Kulfi Take Home PacksFamily Tubs Anjir Badam Mocha Almond Banana Split Kesar Kamaal King Alphanso Fruit congest Choco Chips Butter Scotch Pineapple Supreme Smart Packs Smart Raspberry Smart Mango Tago Family Packs Vanilla Strawberry Pista Party Packs Kesar Pista Butter Scotch 3 in 1 Strawberry Vanilla pound Lamour Club Pack Novelties Sundaes Maha Sundae Butter Scotch Mocha Almond Fruity Fundae Novelties Cassatta Flora Kulfi Yorker Cones genus Circus Butter Scotch Choco chips Orange city Badam Roasted ANALYSING AND INTERPRETETION Credit period Company Kwality Walls Dinshaws geezerhood 5-6 days 7 daysThe credit period given by Dinshaws is 7 days as compared to Kwality Walls which is providing credit period of 5-6 days. Complain Company Kwality Walls Dinshaws Major complaint Delivery time is high Poor service during peak season Rating ** ** Rating levels **** 100% satisfied *** More than 80% ** More than 60 % * Below 60% It was observed that the dealers are complaining. 4 star systems is used to obtain the satisfaction level. Margin structure Brands Name Kwality Walls Dinshaws Margin to Distributor 8% 10% Margin to Retailer 22% 25. 50% Dinshaws is giving more margin than Kwality Walls. Market share (Product wise)Product Strawberry Chocolate Mango Vanilla Others dowry 30% 18% 18% 14% 20% stock-still after the entry so many differentiated product ranges Strawberry is still ruling the market. magnificence of Attributes Attributes Taste Price Company Image Advertisement Conscious 39% 44% 6. 5% 10% It is observed that the people in Rourkela city are more conscious about Price than Taste. These are the four factors which affects the buyers decision process. CS ON UMP IO O IC -C E T N F E R AM TEE NAGE R CHILD ADULT OLDPE ON RS data 41% regarding different consumers choice 23% 21% 15% TE ENAG R E CHILD ADULT OLDPERSONThe above graph is showing the dema nd of ice-cream among the different age level of consumers. As per above data chart, the consumption of ice-cream is more among the teenagers. Due to the season, trend, advertisement, and some other requirements, they prefer ice-cream much more. At the present time, the 41% of total consumption of ice-cream is done by teenagers. Children are second most demandable consumer for ice-cream. In the other sense we can say that the children are the way to turn a persons mindset for purchasing of goods. Present time, there are 23% of total consumption of ice-cream is done by children.From the last few years, the demand of ice-cream is increased among the service persons, college students, sports persons etc. the 21% of total consumption of ice-cream is made by adult persons. There are some flavors of ice-cream like strawberry, chocolate etc are most preferred by old peoples. 15% of total consumption is done by old persons. Quality touch onity QUALITY OF BOTH ICE-CREAM COMPANY PRODUCT AWA RENESS All people are known about dinshaws ice-cream. Market Share (Kwality walls vs. Dinshaws) The following table shows the market share of each company in Nasik ice-cream market. CompanyKwality Walls Percentage 9% Dinshaws 23% Dinshaws ice-cream share is 23% in Rourkela ice cream market. dinshaws ice-cream has also exclusive parlors. belles-lettres REVIEW Today Consumers have higher expectations than ever before. They want products to match these expectations. They also want accurate, cutting-edge and useful information about what they buy and above all they need Quality According to the report of Sumit Kukreja, a management trainee from Amity University, food and beverages are the one of the largest growing trade in FMCG sector and ice-cream is the pathfinder of this trade.The continues grow in the demand of ice-cream in India is showing the great opportunity in future. Motilal Oshwal, a marketing research company has been reported that the growth rate of icecream in India is steady but it increasing in the future. Survey by A. C. Nielsen shows about 71 per cent of Indian take notice of pack-aged goods labels containing nutritional, information compared to two years ago which was only 59 per cent. India is the largest milk producer in the world, yet only around 15 per cent of the milk is processed. The organized liquid milk business is in its babyhood and also has large long-term growth potential.Even investment opportunities exist in value-added products like desserts, puddings etc. According to CMIE Data, Aggregate sale of this industry is expected to increase by 19. 2 per cent during the December 2009 quarter. FINDINGS 1. The staple fibre reason of buying that brand most of the answers were quality, availability, packaging and the decor of the store. 2. Consumers preferring DINSHAWS and KWALITY WALLS were a bit bell conscious though but they agreed that they do look for more quality and taste. 3. The advertisements and offers do regularise consumer s purchase behavior regarding ice cream. 4.The basic needs that consumers want to fulfill through an ice cream are taste and quality. And that without providing taste it is not possible to sell a product like ice cream. 5. Any ice cream brand in the town should have innovative packaging, more flavors, availability, indwelling elements etc. to cater to their unfulfilled needs. 6. There is lack of Sales Promotional Activities i. e. free tattoo, extra weight, toys, examine contest etc. 7. Some of retailers places both brands according to consciousness and demand of customer 8. Dinshaws ice-cream share is 23% in Rourkela ice cream market whereas Kwality walls has only 9% market share. . The quality of Dinshaws ice cream is better than Kwality walls ice cream. 10. Dinshaws ice-cream has different variety of ice-cream. They have provided many packs such as select & premium. These two have provided the customer to choose a pack of his choice. CONCLUSIONS 1) The response regarding both th e companies varies from person to person. 2) India has a good potential market for the ice-cream research shows that an average Indian eats ice-cream four times a year so company mustiness try to increase this rate by promoting effective campaign. ) Taste and outlay are the two main attributes that people feel important for the purchase of ice-cream. 4) During survey it was found that Kwality Walls has less visibility, which has capability to retain image in consumers mind. So it is very necessary to increase it. 5) Rourkela has lots of close places for picnic, which remains overcrowded on weekends, so more mobile vans should be added to increase the sales. 6) Some of the innovative ideas should be made for the high selling retailers. Such as forming the club and giving them special packages which will encourage the dealers. ) To attract youths, sponsorship programs needs to be taken. 8) The rates of all the companies are generally equal. But special detail of ice-creams rates are different. Such as party packs, family packs, novelty & other the rates, which are equal of all the companies in regular items such as Ice candy, Bar, Cone, Small Cups & Large Cups. 9) Finally I would like to conclude that as far as Rourkela city is concerned people purchase more of Dinshaws ice cream instead of Kwality Walls ice cream. APPENDICES QUESTIONNAIRE (Common) 1. What is your favorite brand in ice cream? . What makes you like that ice cream? 3. How much importance does price play in your choice of brand of ice cream? 4. To what extent do the advertisements and offers influence your purchase? 5. What is the only thing that an ice cream must have according to you? 6. What will be the factors that you suggest a new ice cream brand in your town should have? QUESTIONNAIRE (Special) 1. DO YOU KEEP THE ICE-CREAM? A) YES__ B) NO__ 2. WHICH IS YOUR LARGEST SELLING ICE-CREAM BRAND? A) DINSHAWS__ B) KWALITY WALLS__ 3. WHICH CATEGORY OF ICE-CREAM PREFERS BY CONSUMERS?A) allowance __ B) CONE__ C) CUP__ D) STICK__ E) OTHERS__. 4. ARE YOU SATSFY WITH THE DELIVERY SYSTEM OF DISTRIBUTOR? A) STRONGLY SATISFY__ B) SATISFY__ A) AVG. SATISFY__ D) LOWER SATISFY__ E) UNSATISFY__ 5. How do you scale your ice-cream? ATTRIBUTE measly AVERAGE GOOD EXCELLENT PRICE SWEETNESS PACKAGING SCHEMES AVAILABILITY 6. SUGGESSIONS.. REFERENCES http//www. kwalitywalls. in/hoic. htm http//www. kwalitywalls. in/freezer. htm http//www. hul. co. in/brands/kwality_walls. asp http//www. scribed. com http//www. google. com

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The role and function of violence in the novel `The World According to Garp`

John Irvings notoriety as a novelist rests at least partially upon his admirable ability to fuse the comic and tragic in fiction, often in spite of appearance the same sketch or scene. His persistent vision of the infatuated and sublime as conjoined correspond alludes to a more(prenominal) profound and probing set of themes in his published fiction.In his novel, The terra firma consort to Garp the obvious domesticity of the storys characters and settings prove little protection against the forces of fate or circumstance which collide repeatedly with the domestic go on of the novel, many times in irruptions of force-out, with much of that military force seeming to be random or bizarre. The accountability and role of violence in The World tally to Garp is manifold however, one of the primary functions of Irvings continuous depicting of violence is to portray the chaos and random dangers of the universe.The point of violence in The World According to Garp is not only to i nstruct readers about possible sociological and ethical breeches in contemporary society, besides to remind readers of the primal, seemingly random violence which fills the universe itself. One way of depicting violence in the novel is to show a darkly comic, virtually slapstick vision of violence, as in the ill-famed Michael Milton castration scene where one of the novels darkest and most tragic moments is simultaneously offset by the humor of the slip his penis being bitten off in a car while engaging in an two-timing(a) affair.There is simultaneously a notion of poetic justice in this scene, but also of devastating almost unimaginable tragedy which shatters the surface of the domestic scene. This juxtapositioning of violence with comic-tragic experience is continuous by means ofout the novel. The existence of bizarre violence and the associated vein of black humor, even in the first section of the book, contributes to irony. The novel opens to the backdrop of a war, and Jen ny Fieldss brusque categorizing of the wounded The Role and Function of Violence in The World According to Garp rascal -2-into classes of Externals, Vital Organs, Absentees, and Goners certainly contains an element of the blackly humorous. (Wilson, 1992, p. 55) In one way or another, each of the characters in The World According to Garp is seen to be either a victim of violence, usually chaotic violence, living in the wash of their experience, or as a victim (unknowingly) headed for a violent encounter, or both. The sense of violence as ubiquitous, but ultimately unpredictable and unaccountable, reinforces the cosmic or universal scope of the primal element of violence discussed previously.This primal ineffable power, the power of random violent tragedy is symbolized by Walts mis-hearing of the word undertow which he mistakenly calls Under Toad. The Under Toad becomes a near-archetypal vision of cosmic disorder and brutality. Walts malapropism becomes a catchphrase that the Gar p family uses to refer to imminent danger, violence, and death. The randomness and suddenness of death ar brought to our attention at the really beginning of the novel when Garps father, the ball-turret gunner, becomes a Goner. Although violence and death abound in Irving first novel, Setting disembarrass the Bears, in Garp at that place is one disaster after another. (Campbell, 1998, p. 81) The universal presence of violence and disorder becomes associated, through its immersion into the every day settings and characters, with a primitive, natural force, something which impacts humanity and flows through them but issues, perhaps, from a more cosmically primitive level. One way the natural primitivism of violence is expressed in The World According to Garp is through the association of violence with sex.Whatever the The Role and Function of Violence in The World According to Garp page -3-connection, sex and violence are related throughout the novel, and Garp finds himself confr onting them at nearly every turn. (Campbell, 1998, p. 83) This association allows Irving to demonstrate that primal, chaotic violence exists as an intrinsic part of the universal paradigm and finds oblique, often absurd and even humorous expression through human events. In this way, violence, like death and kin, love and sex, is viewed as an endemic force of nature.As a symbol for Irvings cosmic paradigm, the wrestling room at Steering college offers a complex and complete statement, symbolically, for Irvings cosmic vision. Here, in a place created for violent confrontation, all of the major events of a life, Garps life, emanate. It is not only where Garp learns how to wrestle and feels at home, but also where he proposes to Helen Holm. It is, further, the space that Pooh Percy enters, in a nurses uniform (like his mothers), and kills Garp. (Campbell, 1998, p.75)The wrestling room becomes a microcosm, a stage whereupon the great, often absurd, dramas of a life are enacted, but it is a place of competition, of struggle, and ultimately of death. The cycle which links sex and violence, death and birth, continues in Garps pepper of consciousness even as he lays dying, showing how individuality is subsumed under the larger, cosmic processes. Garp thinks Even if there is only death after death (after death), be grateful for small favors sometimes there is birth after sex, for example.And if you are very fortunate, sometimes there is sex after birth (Irving, 576). Irvings use of violence in The World According to Garp is extensive, varied, and intense. The modes of violence in the novel range from the comic to the harrowingly tragic and often involve two or modes simultaneously. Irvings purpose in depicting violence in this way is to try out violence and chaos as an integral part of the universe inhabited by humanity, whose insular and forgetful visions partake of, but are incapable of fully comprehending the universal forces which shape their lives.